Are all HP laptop chargers the same

Are all HP laptop chargers the sameAre all HP laptop chargers the same? Technically the answer is ‘No’. HP is a large company with a wide variety of models that share charging options. But it is not the same for all HP laptops. It is highly recommended to only use the charger that comes with the product because using any charger or bypassing the power requirements will expose your device to danger.

Not only for HP, but this is also very much true for all laptop brands. The issue does not only pertain when you are using an old laptop charger for a new laptop. You must take care when buying a universal charger too, as using a universal charger may harm the health of your laptop.

Types of chargers:

Chargers are majorly bifurcated into two types provided as follows;

  • OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer Charger
  • Universal Laptop Charger

OEM Charger:

As it is clear from the name OEM chargers are the original chargers provided by the laptop manufacturers that come with your laptop. OEM chargers are the most suitable and compatible option for your laptop. It is therefore they must be used in any case to prolong battery lifespan and improved laptop performance.

You can differentiate OEM chargers by their great build quality and the HP logo printed on them. This is the major split of it from the cheap market chargers. Hp laptop charger original is more reliable and most recommended to use.

Universal Charger:

They are based on one for all models. The laptop is manufactured by any third party to be used for multiple laptops. They come with a variety of pins and connectors and their conversion to switch between different connectors. A universal laptop charger is very useful for old laptop machines whose charger is not being manufactured anymore by the company.

The universal charger lacks outstanding performance. Using a universal charger means putting your laptop at risk of burning or damaging any of its internal components.

HP Laptop Chargers are not interchangeable

HP – Hewlett Packard does not have a single standard charger for all of its laptop computers. So, every time you purchase a laptop, make sure that it has manufacturer compatibility with your working machine. This will not only saves you money but also provide you with good performance.

Additionally, the size of your HP laptop is associated with the no of volts required. Using a universal charger or any other HP charger may vary in voltage output which may affect the battery life of your laptop. So you can say No to “Are all HP laptop chargers the same” with confidence.

Many HP chargers have the same size of connector to enter the power port of multiple laptops, so in this situation, you can use a single charger for many other devices but it is necessary to follow a few precautions;

1. Charging Connectors:

We cannot force any connector shape to enter in laptop port opposite to it. The connector is the segment that enters into the laptop through which the power supply is directed. It is always important to use the same power charger connecter that is accepted by the laptop port. Another way you will damage your charger connector and laptop charging port as well.

The four major connector types used for most of the manufacturers are listed here below;

  • Cylindrical Charging Connector
  • Snap and Lock Charging Connector
  • Molex Charging Connector
  • USB Charging Connector

Cylindrical Changing Connectors are a kind of plug insulated to accept insertion of the pin. It has an attached cable at one end and a hole covered by a conducting metal at the other end. It connects the laptop charging port to a DC power supply.

Snap and lock Charging Connector is a circular shape connector having 3-4 pins in it. It is similar to a Mini-DIN connector. The unique shape of this connecter protects its insertion in the wrong laptop port.

Molex Charging Connector uses four pins which are usually available in 3-6 terminal configurations. it was used for Old Hard Drives, Floppy, and CD Drives. It is almost obsolete now.

USB Charging Connector is a kind of latest solution this standard in most devices. It comes with a different range of voltages. Today, almost every device is compatible with USB charging connectors.

Significantly, Type C charging connectors are rapidly being standardized worldwide to be used for Mobile and laptops.

2. Smart Tip technology:

It’s an advanced technology feature that is available on the latest laptops only. It will tell you whether the connected charger is appropriate for the laptop or not. So when you will connect any charger with the modern HP laptop it will automatically determine its compatibility using Smart Tip technology.

In many cases, the laptop will prompt a message “You have connected charger the wrong charger” on your screen while preventing the charger to stop charging the laptop battery. It is because f additional safety features added to the laptop that will prevent you and your personal portable computer from irreversible damage.

3. Power:

As far as now, we are discouraging people to use the same charger for multiple devices, it is because different laptops have different energy requirements. These requirements depend on the specifications and purpose for what they are being used for.

If a charger that yields low power is attached to a laptop that requires more power then you will damage chargers in the longer run and heating will be a common problem you will face. Lowering the battery life is another possible concern.

If you are using a top-class latest technology laptop then it can adjust its performance according to the power supply it is being delivered by the weak charger, in that case, you would not be able to use the heaviest applications on it.

How to find the right charger for your HP laptop?

Being a core business need, the laptop has become the most commonly used portable personal or business machine after the mobile phone. It is because of its extremely wanted features and great power backup. However, you have to charge it often to ensure the running of your daily tasks. Charging can be done using a good charging adopter but is the stage where most people make mistakes and unfortunately burn their laptops.

Don’t worry we are going to explain, how to find the right charger for the HP laptop. Just keep the below mentions point when buying a good HP charger for your laptop.

  • Identify the right pin make and size as per the charging port available on your HP laptop
  • Buy a charger that takes the input of 100-240V of AC
  • Look for the recommended output power for the laptop. It is usually about 50-65W
  • Current in Amperes provided by the laptop must match the current required by your laptop
  • Only use OEM charger and identify the original product before buying it

HP Laptop Charger Price:

Usually, the original HP laptop charger comes with the HP laptop unit. When you buy a laptop, the charger is included free of cost by the company. If it is not, you can claim it from the outlet from where the laptop is being purchased.  however, if your HP laptop charger is malfunctioning, you can buy original from any online store like Amazon, Walmart, etc., or from the HP SSS dealership. this will cost you around $10-$30 based on the model of your laptop machine.

Buying from trusted online stores and authorized dealers is necessary as this will make sure that you are getting the original HP laptop charger for your laptop. What about HP laptop charger voltage? no worries, each HP charger is made for a particular gadget. Hence the voltages are set upon it by the company as required by the device.

How to identify an HP laptop charger:

By following the below-mentioned steps you can find if your HP laptop charger is original or fake.

  • Weighting the HP laptop charger, the original HP charger weight 340 g or 0.749 lbs.
  • Closely visualize the charger cable head. It will have a holder for cable attachment.
  • The company-manufactured HP laptop charger will have a velcro tie of 20 inches in length.
  • DC voltage output should be 19.04v

Final Verdict:

Are all HP laptop chargers the same? Concluding a long story short, all HP laptop chargers are not the same. Just use the charger that comes with your HP laptop or only buys OEM chargers with a closed eye. You would not face any issues. The universal chargers or Chinese build chargers are compromised in terms of their quality therefore they might be a risk for your device. A laptop is an expensive machine so compromise is not affordable here. We will be back with another informational article on the hp laptop charger compatibility list, soon.

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