Best Laptop under $1500 Australia

All laptop producers manufacture thousands of awesome laptops. Some laptops are good in size, some in performance, and many are cheap in price. But which is the best laptop under $1500 Australia is the most asked question by all countrymen’s. Don’t worry, you will find answers here in this exclusive reviews and buyers guide 2020 for Best Laptop under $1500 Australia.

Today after the mobile phone, laptops are the essential gadget that everyone wants to keep. This useful invention will allow you to work from everywhere by providing the facility to perform multiple tasks. You complete your school work, office presentations, calculations, watching movies, TV shows, and yes gaming too.

Here in Crazypick Australia, we are going to provide your complete A to Z information on all Best Laptops under $1500 Australia options. Our reviews and buying guide are totally unbiased. We are just helping to get you a good deal at an affordable price.

Top Pick laptop under $1500 Australia

To save you time, we have come up with our top-pick laptop under $1500. It is Acer Nitro 5 AN515 also known as the best gaming laptop. The Acer Nitro is the latest technology laptop with the most advanced specifications and features. It offers a perfect gaming experience with NVIDIA high-definition graphics and a core i5 processor. This best laptop under 1500 Australia has 8GB DDR4 RAM, 256 GB SSD, and 15.6 inches Full HD display screen. The keyboard backlight is a plus too.

The list of our top 10 best laptops under $1500 is as follows;

1. Acer Nitro 5 AN515 (Best laptop for gaming) ·        FHD 15.6 IPS Display

·        Multi-processor support

·        11 hours of battery backup

2. HP 17 1135G7 Laptop (Best laptop for Students Australia) ·        17.3 inches display

·        Core i7 11th Generation

·        Iris X Graphics by Intel

3. HP Pavilion 15.6 (Best laptop for Money)


·        Ultra-fast with 16 GB Ram

·        Thin and stylish

·        Edge to edge display

4. Acer Aspire 5 (Best Fastest Laptop in Australia ) ·        20GB RAM

·        1TB SSD Storage

·        Excellent build quality and impressive look

 Best Laptop under $1500 Australia Review

The budget of 1500 dollars is enough to buy an excellent laptop. In any case, you must pick the best laptop that perfectly meets your requirements, despite the price you always look for the model as per your need. Other than choosing the most expensive laptop on the list, we have made it easier for you by listing down our top 10 best laptops under $1500 in Australia options.

So let’s move to the details reviews of the best laptops of 2022 in Australia.

1. Acer Nitro 5 AN515 (Editor’s Choice Laptop)

Being at the top of the list for the best laptop under $1500 Australia we have Acer Nitro 5 AN515 famous for its durable shape, longer battery life, advanced specifications, and excellent value for money. An altogether mid-range option for games software developers that intends to use the laptop for running heavy applications.

Experts say the Nitro 5 is another state-of-the-art combination of NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 and Ryzen 5 GPU. This popular pairing is most recommended to yield a maximum graphical output with great performance. This internal equipment not only makes the laptop run faster but also offers an impressive frame rate.

The 15.6 inches is an optimal size for office work, study, and games. This moderate-size screen with an IPS FHD display is just brilliant when comes to watching movies. The Acer Nitro series 5 AN515 comes with a 9 GB Ram memory and 256 GB SSD extendable warranty. Additionally, the keyboard is installed with a backlit to assist you while working in a dark room.

Key speciation and features of Acer Nitro 5 AN515 are provided as follows;

  • The 10th generation Intel processor makes it eligible for all games and dominates amount all its gaming laptop competitors.
  • For graphics, it has the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 graphic card which is backed by the 4 GB dedicated and 6 GB virtual memory that make it the best budget laptop.
  • 8 GB DDR4 RAM memory with an additional slot to extend it up to 32 GB
  • 256 GB SSD extendable to 1TB
  • 6 IPS displays are recommended to be used for gaming, business, and multimedia
  • Wifi & Bluetooth wireless connectivity options
  • 11 hours of backup using a lithium-ion battery

The battery is the backbone of every laptop. Without it, they cannot be used remotely. The outstanding battery backup time of up to 11 hours will surprise you actually when you would experience it by yourself. So this best portable laptop under 1500 Australia is just amazing in terms of performance and battery life when compared with the other market available options.

However, when playing games, you would be required a plugin power source. As the GPU (Graphical procession unit) needs a significant amount of power to utilize. So the Acer Nitro 5 is a fully loaded laptop for school, workstation, and to complete video editing like demanding tasks.

What is included in the Box?

The company has proved all necessary things that may need might be needed in the future. The things included are;

  • 01 unit of Acer Nitro 5 with battery inside it
  • 01 charging adopter of 135W and power cord
  • Upgrade kit for hardware to extend its capacity to 512GB or 1TB (screw and cable included)
  • Stickers are to be placed on the laptop’s left or right touchpad area
  • User manual for quick start and detailed specifications/features list

The only problem with Nitro 5 by Acer is its unclear webcam. The 60 Hz display and the dull or faded-looking screen is a grey area that can be improved. If we ignore this mild low-quality webcam otherwise this is the most impressive laptop in Australia to buy for under 1500 Dollars.


  • Unmatchable battery performance for videos, work, and gaming
  • Top-of-the-line graphics display
  • Parts and components upgrade is easy, you can do it yourself
  • Speakers are of good quality
  • Best laptop for workstation use and home gaming


  • A bit heavy in size, making it harder for portability
  • Narrow color gamut

Final verdict

The Acer Nitro 5 is a good laptop option 1500 for Australia if you are planning to use it as a workstation. It will not disappoint you with performance-oriented tasks. The hardware specifications will allow it to easily handle all heavy tasks relatively under a heavy workload. The execution of intensive power-consuming applications like 3D Max, Object rendering, etc. can be easily completed using this best under 1500 laptop option in Australia.

On the other hand, the Acre Nitro 5 is ok when used for business, school, and games. Therefore, you must consider your actual requirements before buying any laptop so that your purchase could be worth buying a laptop.

2. HP 17 1135G7 Laptop (Best laptop for Students in Australia)

Next up, we have runner-up for the best laptop under $1500 Australia HP 15 1135G7 most known among Australian colleges & universities students. The HP 17 is a top-notch example of value for money. Its solid durable build makes it stand for a longer time inside tough classroom environments.

The elegant color contrast, sleek and slim construction, and eye-catching look make HP 17 looks like a peal placed on the table. Its natural silver color is a plus too. The perfect design-to-performance ratio allows its users to complete all tasks speedily and connect with their family using an HD webcam when away from home. Simply the HP 17 is made for long-lasting performance and well execution of all types of tasks.

The larger storage space offers to store your pictures, school assignments, important office documents, presentations, movies, etc. everything that you might need in daily life. You can stream live on Netflix or watch offline your favorite movies.

Key speciation of this best budget-friendly laptop in Australia are mentioned below;

  • Intel Core i5, 11th generation 1135G7 processor with 8 MB cache memory and up to 4.2 Hz maximum turbo frequency
  • 3 inches display screen size of the 1920 x 1080 FHD resolution
  • Anti-glare IPS display of 300 Nits using the Intel Iris Graphics
  • 8 GB DDR4 processing memory for quick execution and completion of the intensive task
  • For storage, it initially comes with a 256GB SSD that is also extendable to 1 TB.
  • A quick quality Digital integrated camera and microphone
  • Premium build quality that is best for students, business owners, and online classes. In short, the ideal laptop is under $1500 in Australia for home and office use.
  • All wireless connectivity options including Wi-Fi & Bluetooth are available alongside the 2 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0, 1 x HDMI, audio input & output jack, and Ethernet connectivity port.
  • Pre-installed Windows 11 Home licensed by the Microsoft Corporation
  • Confirm 6 and half hours of battery life tested under mix-use like playing sons sometime, sometime web browsing, and using Microsoft office, etc.
  • Backlit keyboard for efficiently working at the night


  • Best reliable laptop for study in Australia
  • 3 inches larger screen with an impressive resolution
  • Great storage to save everything


  • No touchscreen but they provide a precision touchpad that is highly responsive

3. HP Pavilion 15.6 (Best laptop for Money)

At no 03, we have another great option for laptops under $1500 in Australia. Although laptops and Chromebooks are getting common these days. They have great specifications while being extremely portable and powerful enough to do all your tasks. The HP Pavilion series is one of its most recognized and popular series by HP.

The pavilion 15.6 by HP comes with a dedicated GPU and integrated Chipset. With 18 mm of thickness and approximately 2kg of weight, you can say that the HP Pavilion 15 is fairly portable. Alongside are basic USB, SD card, and HDMI ports, it has aluminate keyboard keys.

This best laptop under $1500 Australia comes with a plastic body that flexes a lot. The screen’s top panel has an aluminum design which looks good too. Same, the bottom panel is also made of plastic which is flexible too. The used plastic is of good quality which proved a good typing experience for its users. The experience is amplified by the quality of keys that are quite tactile. The backlit keywords are great to help in a dark environment.

Key specification/features:

  • 16 GB RAM of high bandwidth that can offer smooth execution of all heavy tasks
  • 512 GB extended M.2 NVMe SSD (Solid State Drive) for quick system boot-up and faster data transfer, storage, and retrieval.
  • Core i7, (6 Cores) Ryzen 5500U with 4.0 maximum turbo frequency processor
  • 1920×1080 Full HD display resolution
  • Comes with the Windows Home 64-bit operating system
  • The keyboard, Mouse, Touchpad and Touch screen in some models are human interaction modes
  • 720p web camera which is built for all video calls and meetings
  • Dual audio built-in speaker and audio jack for outer connections
  • Approximately 10 hours of battery backup time
  • All wireless connectivity options like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth of the new generation are available

The wider, brighter, and clear display screen also comes with a touchscreen facility. The touch screen is highly responsive to every corner of your screen. Another way around, you can use the precision touchpad for navigation to different segments in the computer system. The laptop has an FHD WLED panel


  • Stylish and latest-design laptop
  • Worth for money laptop with the latest technology options
  • Excellent display resolution of screen, picture, and videos
  • Build quality is impressive


  • No DVD Drive, which is not being used much nowadays
  • Looks like a metallic body but is made of fine-quality plastic

Final verdict

In light of the aforementioned specifications and hardware features, the HP Pavilion could be considered as the top 3 options for best laptops under $1500 in Australia. The laptop is a perfect combination of design to performance ratio as well as it would be worth buying for all your daily needs. So it is an ideal laptop under $1500 in Australia to be used by students.

4. Acer Aspire 5 (Best Fastest Laptop in Australia)

The Acer Aspire series has delivered some of the best value-for-money laptops in the year 2022. The Aspire 5 is one of their self-propagating best laptops for all ages The Acer Aspire 5 becomes the first choice whenever we think to buy the best budget laptop in Australia in the year 2022.

This particular model is under review exclusively here in this top 10 best laptop under 1500 Australia review and buyers guide 2022 have an Intel Core i3 1115G7 11th generation processor paired with integrated graphics MX350 of 2GB VRAM. While memory options include 20GB RAM and 1TB SSD storage which make it a super-fast laptop in Australia.

The Acer Aspire 5 is available in 5 decent colors. However, the blue is the best recommended based on the many users’ choices. The interactive hinges are another plus, the hinges slightly lift the laptop upwards when the lid is open. This will allow you to type will more comfort. The left side has 1 DC input, 01 HDMI, 02 USB, 01 Ethernet, and o1 USB type C port. On the other hand, the Acer Aspire 5 is having another USB port, one 3.5 mm audio jack, and a Kensington lock.

In terms of audio, the Acer 5 gets two bottom-fire audio speakers that are of no good or bad quality. Moving on to the screen, it has a 15.6 FHD display LED screen with a matt finish. It means that you won’t have a visual problem even in an indoor well-lightening room. But since, since the Acer Aspire is a budget laptop that is why the color accuracy hit here as it covers just 45 percent of the color gamut. Which is standard in laptops in this price range.

Key specifications and important features;

  • Ultra High Definition graphics by Intel of 11th generation
  • 20 GB RAM extended for super-fast speed
  • 1TB SSD for quick storage and retrieval of data
  • Core i3 1115G7 process of 11th generation
  • 1920×1080 pixels resolution with a Narrow bezel, wider display, and 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Preinstalled Windows 10 Home
  • 8+ hours of battery life
  • 720p Web camera


  • Elegant design, slim and durable body
  • Low power consumption makes your battery last longer
  • 20 GB RAM, 1TB SSD, NVIDIA GFORCE Graphics
  • Best aspirational laptop in Australia


  • The hinges are not much rotatable.
  • Color accuracy could be improved
  • Mediocre interface appealing to the students

 Best Laptop under $1500 Australia Buying Guide 2022

To buy a new aspirational laptop, you would have to spend an amount of money. This valuable investment could go wrong if you choose any laptop without knowing about it. You should not look for one option if you have a mind buying a good laptop for yourself.

No matter if it is Apple’s M1 MacBook Air powered by the world’s most reputed company, HP sleek options, Dell XPS series, or any other laptop model made for the office, gaming, and study. We have tried to cover all for you. Design-wise, the Acer is kind enough to provide a semi-plastic Aluminum lid. The rest of the chases (body under the screen) has a metal finish which keeps our fingerprinter and smutches quite effective.


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