Can you track a stolen laptop by serial number?

Can you track a stolen laptop by serial number

Can you track a stolen laptop by serial number? the answer is Yes, let’s find out how;

Laptops have become an important aspect of our lives since they store a lot of our information. They contain useful information to make life simpler. If your laptop has been stolen or maybe you have just misplaced it, there is still hope. There are many different ways to track your stolen Laptop.

Some of the most widely applicable ways are by using your laptop serial number, using the already installed tracking software, using the default features, or also by the Mac or IP address of your laptop. Here we discuss how we can get our stolen laptop by serial number so, if you remember the serial number of a laptop, you can trace it down.

Can you track a stolen laptop by serial number?

Even though serial numbers are mostly numbers, they are a fundamental means of identification for laptops. They provide us with the device with a sense of identity. When physical contact happens, it can be valuable for the police report, insurance, and pawnshop complaints, even if they only go as far as immediate recognition. With just a serial number, it’s impossible to help track down your stolen laptop. If you prefer to utilize tracking software, this information, along with others, may usually is being used to follow the device.

Your equipment sends their serial numbers to the provider’s network regularly, allowing them to recognize them at a glance. Its serial number could be used by the network provider to track it down. To be sure, if you phone your provider to report the theft, your serial number will not be able to pinpoint the exact position of your device. They can recognize the equipment just by looking at it.

Even if the conditions of your hardware warranty state that the company does not guarantee recovery, some manufacturer customer care services collect the serial number when you register a complaint about your stolen laptop. Although discussing your serial number with corporate officials who can help you fix or replace the item is perfectly acceptable, such information should also not be shared on social media.

It’s generally fine to give out the serial number of something other than a phone whenever an eBay buyer asks for that. You can email them just about the key bits of the serial number if you might not want to give away the complete serial number. I think you would have reached the answer Can you track a stolen laptop by serial number?

What is a Serial Number?

A serial number is a sequence of numbers and letters that is allocated to a certain product or item. A serial number is similar to a fingerprint in which each number is attached to a specific item to identify it. A serial number may very well be imprinted on a product sticker, carved into the metal, or implanted into an electronic gadget, depending on the object. In the case of software packages, registration numbers can even be linked to the customer.

Serial numbers are most often utilized for warranty service and repairs, but they are rarely used for anything else. If you do have an Apple product, for example, a serial number can be used to determine whether the equipment is still under warranty and whether AppleCare coverage is available.

Can you track a stolen laptop by serial number? how important a serial no is? Serial numbers are essential for distinguishing otherwise identical individual devices with a wide range of applications. Serial numbers are a deterrent to theft and counterfeit items since they may be recorded and used to identify stolen or otherwise unusual goods. Automobiles, electronics, and appliances all have serial numbers.

Where Can You Locate the Serial Number for a Product?

The location of the serial number is mostly determined by the object. Most of the time, it will be near the UPC of the item you buy in the shop. When looking at computers or electrical devices, the serial number is usually located at the back or bottom. Instead, the serial number of the software might be branded as a product identification key.

Why do Companies Use Serial Numbers?

Almost all of the devices you own have serial numbers that have been unique to them. Serial numbers are assigned to items by companies. One of the first things you’ll need to do if you need or want to contact a firm about a product is to submit the serial number.

How are serial numbers generated?

To produce serial numbers, you can utilize tools or applications. In batches, these technologies select a random code that may subsequently be allocated to items. If you want to produce a random serial number, there have been a variety of websites and software programs that may assist you to do it. Although a few serial numbers may include letters and common characters such as dashes or periods, most contain solely digits. They can’t have any spaces or special characters in them. The assignment of serial numbers necessitates the keeping of a record of each assignment to trace the products. The serial numbers can then be used to control inventories or goods that have been sold.


Serial no is another unique ID for a product same as the Mac address, it is very useful in cases where you need to configure something unique on a specific machine. it is also very helpful in terms of identifying a single product out of many. So always keep the serial number of the laptop saved. you can revisit the above-mentioned information, thanks.

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