Does YouTube Premium include YouTube Music

Does YouTube Premium include YouTube Music?
Does YouTube Premium include YouTube Music?
Well, the answer is Yes, the YouTube premium includes YouTube music with all other YouTube resources giving access to millions of music videos that you can watch without ads. YouTube Premium allows background play and downloading the complete playlist to watch videos offline.
YouTube Premium is a paid subscription to the premium features of YouTube without ads. The membership applies to YouTube native applications i.e. YouTube Kids, YouTube Music, YouTube mobile app, etc. This premium membership of YouTube blocks before video ads, during video ads, and video overlay ads.
The premium membership of YouTube also enables its user to watch the original videos and movies from the top-rated content creator right after they publish. The good is, you don’t need to pay any extra cost for that.
So whenever you subscribe to YouTube premium, you will get YouTube Music Premium too. Let’s find the key benefits of each one by one.

Key Features of YouTube Premium

A few of the salient features of YouTube premium that a member gets are here below.

Ads Free YouTube Videos Play

The most exciting feature of YouTube premium is its ads-free video play. With the premium, it not only removes before video ads but also video overlay ads and during video ads eliminated too. So what are you waiting for, get the membership now and enjoy millions of ads-free videos on your mobile.

Unlimited download to watch on the go

Download your favorite videos, movies, and music and enjoy them when you are offline. These videos are saved on a mobile device when the “download” button is clicked. This feature is helpful when you are in travel. It allows you to keep your desired series of videos in your pocket.

Play in Background

YouTube Premium can work when the screen is off. Your music won’t stop when you switch the app on your phone and it goes on standby mode. Some of the latest mobiles also offer over the app play, you can watch videos and use other mobile phone apps at the same time.

Key Features of YouTube Music

In a broader view, there are two different versions of YouTube music. One is with ads and the other one is the Premium (ads-free) subscription of it. The premium version of YouTube Music is an improved music listening experience with a few of the most desired features that are below.

Ads Free experience

The paid premium membership of your music provides ads-free music access. So, you won’t need to watch and skip any publisher’s Ads during your music play. This applies to video before, after, and overlapping ads.

Play in background

It is the most desired and most required feature for all YouTube users. With YouTube Music or YouTube premium, you can switch between different applications and your music will not stop. This background play option gives your continuous music.
The option also allows you to listen to your favorite music on your mobile in the background even when you closed the app.

Shuffle your download collection

You don’t need to listen to your full collection in order. Use the shuffle downloads options and enjoy. The option works in both online and offline modes. Follow the below-mentioned steps to listen to the mixture of your downloaded collection;
  • Sign in to your account with having YouTube premium subscription
  • Select the “Library” option available at the bottom of your mobile screen
  • Now, select “downloads” and then tap on the “shuffle all” option to listen then randomly.

Audio only mode

YouTube music features an audio-only function. You can save mobile data if you only want to listen to music rather than watch videos. The feature is extremely helpful when you are having connectivity issues. So enjoy the audio music of your favorite artist.

Downloads for on the go

Download your favorite music for later. All downloads will be available offline for the next 30 days. You can enjoy them during travel. YouTube Music also allows you to set up your offline mixtape and the platform will download new music based on the previous history.

Travel Across the Globe with YT Music

If you are a premium member of YouTube, then you can take your music collection everywhere. Even in the areas of the world where YouTube music is not available. Your music will be available for 6 months when your travel and each downloaded music will be available for 30 days without internet.

YouTube Premium Price vs YouTube Music Price – Which one should you choose?

The subscription cost of YouTube Premium and YouTube music is different. The platform offers reasonable prices. The premium subtraction of YouTube is $11.99 for a month for a single user. But, the same will cost you $22.99 per month if you choose a family plan.
The YouTube premium family plan includes a total of 06 people. It means you and five other family members can use the paid features of YouTube under this membership. Moreover, it also features a special student package at $4.99/Month backed with a one-month free trial.
Going forward to the prices of YouTube music, the membership cost is significantly on the lower side. You get a YouTube music paid subscription at $9.99/month for a single user and the family plan is for $14.99/month. YouTube music is a direct competitor of Spotify, Apple Music, sound cloud, etc.

Now, it is totally up to you and your budget. Choose the subscription that falls into your budget and needs. It is pertinent to mention here that YouTube premium also includes YouTube music.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding “Does YouTube Premium include YouTube Music?”

Is YouTube Premium and YouTube music the same?

Well, the answer is NO, YouTube music is paid subscription to stream music catalogs and YouTube premium includes unlimited videos and music streaming. YouTube Premium also includes YouTube music with a subscription cost of $9.99/month.

Is YouTube Music a premium service?

Yes, YouTube Music is a premium paid service to stream unlimited ad-free music right after they are published by the artists. YouTube music is also a popular contestant to other music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Tilde, Apple music, sound clouds, etc.

Does the YouTube premium family include YouTube music?

Yes, the YouTube premium family subscription includes YouTube music resources too. Being an account manager you can extend this premium subscription to 05 more of your family members.

Key Take – Conclusion

Cutting the long story short, YouTube premium is worth buying a subscription to if you are a music lover and also want to watch some good videos too. But, it is not a substitute for Netflix and Hulu at all. So choose the YouTube premium family plan and have funs together with your family.

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