How Does A Wi-Fi Booster Work [Useful Tips]

Need to know about the wifi extender? How does a wifi booster work? You have landed on the right page, let’s find the answers.

A WiFi booster or wifi extender is a device that is used to expand your wifi signals coverage. There is a lot of corners in your house where the wifi network signal strength is weak. Using a wifi booster is the optimal solution for it. The working of a wifi booster is simple. It pulls signals from your wifi router, amplifies them, and broadcasts to your devices that need an internet connection. The wifi signal booster provides a strong connection between your devices like smartphones, laptops, digital TV, and internet access point.

What is a wifi booster?

The booster or wifi signal amplifier is a device identical to your wifi router. It is used to increase the network coverage and improve the signal strength in your home and office. The booster also provides a more reliable connection to the internet by working as a bridge between your internet service and the connection device you’re meant to use the internet.

How does a WiFi booster work

How Does a Wifi Booster Work

The wifi booster or wifi extender, as the name suggests is what extends the range of a wireless signal from a wifi router. It acts as a connection medium between the router and device outside the coverage range. The wifi booster first connects to an existing wifi network and then once it is connected, it acts as a wireless access point for wifi devices to connect to.

For example, the people who have internet service in their home will most likely have a wifi router that broadcast wireless signals creating a small private network. It is so that their wireless devices can have internet access.  But sometimes, there might be issues where the wireless signals are not strong enough to cover the entire home.

For instance, if you have installed the router in your living room, then you have more chances of weak signals or no signals in the corner room upstairs. It is because the signals get weaker when it goes through the walls and other objects placed in their way. The only way to solve this problem is a wifi booster or wifi extender. You can also do it by relocating your wifi router in your home but this will affect the wired connectivity with your appliances and you might still face the same issue in some areas of your home.

The wifi booster will connect the wifi signals and extend them to reach further distances. The best suitable place to put wifi booster in your home is somewhere in the middle of your house. This will help you to extend the internet coverage all over your home at a good speed.

The signals broadcasted by the wifi booster are also customized able. You can change the SSID or service set identifier. Usually the booster name itself to the SSID set by the wifi router so that the users can identify the actual network that is established by themselves.

Types of Wi-Fi Booster

There are two major types of wireless boosters. If we save wireless booster or wifi booster it means the same.

  1. Wireless wifi booster
  2. Wired wifi booster

Wireless Wifi Booster

It is more or less very much similar to the wifi router. It connects with your existing wifi router signals wirelessly. It is as simple and easy as connecting a portable device like a mobile phone, laptop to the available wifi network.

The latest wifi booster is re-equipped with some advanced features. They come with a setup button to quickly connect to your network. The best wifi booster with a setup button is not very much expensive. To connect a wifi extender, just press the setup button available on it, and it will automatically connect to the router. There is no need to enter a complex wifi password.

Useful Tip

It is recommended to please the wife booster at a suitable place where it is having a clear distance from the walls and appliances that may cause an interface in the functionality. It should be placed away from the thick walls, microwave, fridge, and other wireless networking devices. The area where it can clearly pick the signals is best.

Wired Wifi Booster

The wired wifi booster is another way to extend wireless connectivity. It is the more secure, reliable, and fast connection that is the best choice of all. It provides a quick connection without any interference that may cause lag or distortion in connection.

The wired wifi booster uses a coaxial cable in your home to connect the booster to the area with weak coverage in your home. The wired wifi booster connects does not affect the appliances or other electronic devices.

The power line is known as another wifi booster that uses your home electric cable to re-broadcast the existing network. To use it, you just need to plug the powerline wifi booster into the electric supply of your home.

Do you need a wifi Booster?

You are confused about whether the wifi booster is a good investment or not? Do you really need it? It proves a versatile connection option in your home and business premises. The wifi extender or booster is a great small gadget to reach all areas in your home office with active and fast intern connectivity. It provides your freedom of internet usage without any trouble of weak coverage in the area of your home. It also saves you the expenditure of costly network wiring and other network appliances.

In today’s world, nothing is more frustrated than a slow internet and weak connection. To get rid of it, you must use a wifi booster that will be the solution to your weak singles and slow internet problem. When your current wireless network coverage will be enhanced, then you will be able to watch online moves, play online games, and many other things with great comfort.

Difference between wifi repeater and wifi extender?

Generally, the wifi repeater and a wifi extender are the same. They are used for the same purpose. However, the behavior or working is different for both. The wifi booster or extender pulls the signals from the wifi network and transmits them to the connecting device with a different name. For example, the original intern source name is Network-A, the wifi booster will pull the signals from Network-A and display signals with the name such as Network-B to connect your device. The wifi booster will be working as a join between your device and internet connectivity.

On the other hand, the wifi repeater will work by repeating the original signals received by the wifi router. It works totally different than the extender. The same network ID or SSID is used by the repeater. The wifi repeater work for both wired and wireless transmission. Most of the latest wifi boosters also have the features of a repeater and extender.

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