How To Check If Computer Fan is Working Properly? – (Ultimate Guide)

A computer’s fan is of great importance for maintenance and normal functioning, as a computer is subjected to some stress while working. The fan helps to cool down heat production during complex computing, and gaming overload. It helps the different components to cool down such as the CPU or hard drive. There are two case fans for taking in cool air and for exhausting the hot air, it’s better to have a fan closer to the CPU as it’s the largest component and can be subjected to over-exhaustion.

If your fan is not working properly you can face many issues such as unusual shutdown, and repeated snags. Your laptop often slows down when the fan is not working properly or your computer is overheated. You will also observe application crashes often if you have overheating issues.

How to check if  Computer fan is working properly?

The component that gets affected by overheating the most is a hard drive, it’s a very delicate component and you must take solid measures to ensure your fan’s efficiency.  Many people don’t know if their laptop fan is working properly or not, so how can they check the fan condition? If you want this kind of information you are in the right place, in the preceding article we will tell you how you can check your fan’s condition. So let’s find, How To Check If Computer Fan is Working Properly!!!

Pay attention to your fan’s sound:

Whenever you start to work on your computer the fan starts to dissipate heat as well.

If you are using your computer normally your fan would not go whirling and no sounds would be produced, but if you have overloaded your device with excessive gaming or watching videos there are chances that your fan would start to whirl.

Working on the laptop continuously for several hours can also cause fast-rotating to dissipate excess heat. You can listen to the sound by placing your ear near the vent if you listen faster rotating or whirling we will suggest you shut down the system for some time.

Notice the air out of the vent:

When your fan is working at full speed you will notice an excessive amount of hot air out of the vent. You can easily detect this by placing a hand or paper in front of the vent. Put your computer to rest if you feel overworking.

Software for hardware analysis:

Many software is now available that can detect any abnormality in your computer’s hardware such as glitches. You can control the working to different components automatically such as fan control. Fan speed for example is software that can detect the abnormal increase in temp and can signal when the fan needs to be faster or slower. Sensors can also help to detect the changes in the temperature you can use apps that can control the sensors.

Look into the temperature changes:

The maximum temperature of the CPU must be 80 degrees, you can check it in bios if you are getting no distinct understanding of the fan’s working or overheating.

You will have to go to the boot menu during startup and check the bios settings, you will see the temperature setting option, here you can check if the temperature has increased or decreased then adjust the temperature accordingly.

If your system shuts down abnormally:

Overheating can cause abnormal shutdowns of the system and this is serious. If your computer is not booting up properly or it shuts down after running for some time then there must be an issue with the temperature. Although all the computers have temperature sensors that work very well in the detection of increased heat, in case there is some problem with the sensor system or the fan is not rotating properly then you should step up to resolve the issue because it can be alarming to have abnormal shutdowns.

Final discussion:

The only way to have a long-lasting computer is through regular maintenance. You can adapt many measures to make sure your system doesn’t go overloaded or overheated. You should also keep an eye on the cleanliness of the fan, dust and dirt often get stuck into the fan rotator if not cleaned regularly this can also be the cause of your fan’s inefficient working.

In case your fan is broken you will have to replace it to prevent other components to get damaged especially the heat-sensitive hard drive

You should also avoid overloading your computer, try to use it in intervals, and make sure you are giving your device a proper time to rest, overloading is often the cause of overheating.

By using the above measures you would be can check and prevent your fan’s inefficiency. that is it is for now on the How To Check If Computer Fan is Working Properly topic. Keep your laptop cool.

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