How To Check If TV Aerial Is Working – Quick Guide 2022

How To Check If TV Aerial Is Working

Facing the no signals error on your TV? Need to check if your TV aerial is working or not? Worries off, we are here to help. In this guide, we will identify how to check if TV aerial is working and what should do to bring the TV channels back.

The problematic channels while watching your favorite serial, movie, or reality show are something that can collapse your mood. Of course, causes frustration for a few people too. The most known TV aerial issue is the display of the “No Signal” message on the TV screen. Many TV did not display this message they just turn the screen blue or grey. You cannot precise reason for that problem until your check whether the TV antenna is working or not.

In this guide for how to check if a TV aerial is working or not we are going to give you some extremely useful tips and tricks to find out if the aerial is working, what to do if it is not working, and how to troubleshoot if it is your device issue of from the service provider.

How to check if TV Aerial is working

We are pretty much sure reading this guide would save you time to find out the core reason and its solution. the following mentioned verified methods to check if your TV aerial is working of not will denifnity helf you;

  • Checking the Aerial Connections
  • Checking the Signal Transmission Cable
  • Check the TV and Scan again
  • TV Aerial Tester

So let’s move further;

Checking the Aerial Connections

Checking the connection carefully is the first and most important thing you need to do to find out if the TV aerial is working fine or not. Sometimes, the connections pins also called sockets to get loose through which the connection of the Antenna with the Television is lost. So fixing it will resolve your signal issue. Do also check that the connectors do not have any rust or corrosion on them.

Once it is verified that the connection is okay, now re-plug the belongings in both TV and aerial. If the no signal issue persists, then connect the aerial with another TV and check that you are facing the same problem error message or not.

Here you have a piece of good and bad news together. The bad news is your aerial is not working. However, the good news is your TV unit is absolutely fine. Now, head back to the old TV and properly connect every part which is required and scan for the channels maybe it fixes everything but the chances are limited.

Checking the Signal Transmission Cable

The problem with the cable is although rare but it is a cause that can be the reason for showing no single message in your TV screen. A damaged cable means the singles are being intercepted as a result you will see pixels and noise on TV. Cautiously look at the full length of the cable and spot any damaged area.

Now, you already know what to do, you can fix the malfunctioning cable issue by either buying a new one or repairing the specific area.
If no damage is located on the cable, try to replace the ends of cable connectors with each other. For that, it is advised to use a tool. If no tool is available then please do not peel the ends of the cable with your mouth or knife.

After this trick, you need to re-connect your TV and check to know everything is working in its way fine. If yes, then congratulations your TV aerial is not broken.

Check the TV and Scan again

For further diagnoses, check the television unit. The TV sometimes required the complete scan auto/manual to run again. If a son signal message appears on your TV screen then it is for sure that something is definitely not working. To cross-verify it, run the Scan feature on your screen and wait until it completes.

According to the TV broadcasting service providers, if a TV antenna is not working ten a message will be displayed on the screen after every channel scan. Engaging the company service the issue can be easily fixed.

Hence, once you’re done with checking your TV and find everything ok. Then the issue might be with your aerial or maybe with the transmitter. This can be fixed by calling the service provider.

TV Aerial Tester

The tester is an external device that is easily available in the market. It is used the find the root problem for your TV showing no signals. People think that this is a bit difficult to use but in actuality, it is not.

For that, you need to buy an Aerial testing device, which can cost you somewhere around $10-$50. You have the option to buy a used device, but the health and accuracy might be compromised there. The second have will be cheaper but not reliable.

After connecting the device with the antenna you will see light indicators for end-to-end okay connection and singles strength. If the lights go off, it means your antenna is properly transmitting the signals.

The signals strength information would also be available on the device. If you notice weak signals then you can just reposition your antenna to catch the right direction.

Only the F plug is an addition that is required. It is because all these Aerial Testing devices usually use this kind of plug. So keeping it would be a plus. Once you learn to operate the device you would do it yourself every day or wherever the signals problem occurs.

Bad weather Conditions

The extreme or bad weather condition also affects the transmission of the signal further ending with the power picture quality in your TV. No matter whether it is too hot, cold, or rainy the signal will get affected by the extreme conditions. So again, in that situation your TV aerial is working fine it’s a natural effect is applied by the nature and service provides for all subscribers. Once the weather settles down to normal, the signals and cable quality will also go to normal.

How can I make my Antenna Signals Stronger?

To make your antenna signal stronger you have to face it towards the broadcasting tower. The strength of signals is highly dependent on the aerial angles that are used for the signal transmission. Another important tip is to reset your TV tuner before checking the antenna. As tuner converts the incoming singles into signals that are easily recognized by the TV.

So the signals change very often, it is therefore recommended to reset the TV channel tuner before checking the aerial and changing its direction towards the tower.

FAQ’s – How to check if TV aerial is working

these short questions and their quick answer are important to expand your knowledge of reading the subject matter, so must go through them once.

How to test TV Aerial?

Testing your TV aerial is quite easy. Just take your TV and connect it to the aerial socket this is working fine. Now turn your TV ON, if it gets the signals it means that there is no issue with your television set. check for the connections.

Why is my TV not picking up Aerial?

The common reason is weak signals, especially when you are using an older device. However, if you are using OTA (Over the Air) antenna then make sure your coaxial cable is providing a secure connection. Using a signals splitter is strongly not recommended. Also, if you are using an antenna then adjusting its position in the right direction can also help in improving the strength of the signal.

How to know if your TV anteena is not working?

There are few simple methods listed below to check if your TV anteena is working or not;
  • Non-stable signals reception, your signals come in and out continuously
  • TV display message or No Signal or Searching when you turn it ON.
  • You didn’t get any channel result when tuned for digital TV

How to check TV aerial signals strength on TV?

To check the TV aerial signals strength and quality on your TV, you have to follow the following steps;

  • Open your TV Menu
  • Select for the Signals and Connections
  • Now select Signals Quality

Here at this stage, check if the signals strength is above 50% then your TV will catch channels otherwise your will receive glitches.

Key Take – Conclusion

After this article, you would be able to know how to check if the TV aerial is working or not. First of all test the aerial/antenna using all the above-mentioned tips and tricks and in case everything fails then just call your service provider and he will get it solved for you.

Do not panic, everything has a solution and the same is for TV no signals problem. Do not take stress all things will back to normal within 1 or half days.

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