How to Check If You Have an Active Phone Line (Verified Methods)

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There are many ways to check and verify that you have an active phone line in your new home. But the simplest way to check if you have an active phone line is by plugging your landline phone into your wall socket and hearing for the beep (dial tone). If you hear a dial tone it means you have an active phone line otherwise, you need to identify the problem.

How to Check If You Have an Active Phone Line

If you are relocated then you might also want to know your landline contract no. for that, just dial 127-221-23 from your phone. They provided no will work only if you are having a connection from Telstra. However, you need to dial 127-231-2 in case using an Optus landline connection in Australia.

How to Check If You Have an Active Phone Line (Step-by-Step Guide)

Checking whether your landline phone line is active or not is common for those who recently moved to a new location. There are multiple ways the check it, let’s look at them one by one.

Method 01: Checking for the Connectivity Issues of Service and Device

Once you have diagnosed no dial sound in your landline phone, the next easiest way to find the actual problem is to check for connectivity. The connectivity problem could reside in your handset, phone cable, and connection cable coming from the outlet. Following are the few steps, going through them in this situation would be a plus;

Step-I: Properly Powering (Charging) the Handset

This is a specialized case only for wireless landline phone sets. Do check and make sure that the wireless handset is properly changed. If the battery is empty, then charge the handset for at least 15-30 minutes before use.

Step II: Checking the Phone Cable

Check your phone cable and receiver cable. If the cable is damaged, then replace it and recheck the landline connection will be active now. If the phone cable is not damaged, re-plug it tightly in the jack, the loosely connected cable also causes turbulence in the connection.

Step III: Using an alternative phone device

Using another handheld phone device is another approach to check if you have an active phone line or not. Besides the securing cable and charging, the device the change of device also works. So, replace the device and check for the dial tone.

Step IV: Check the connection from the Outlet

First of all, discount all connected devices such as DSL routers, Fax machines, televisions, etc. Next up, connect the landline phone set with every outlet one by one and check for the upright connection by listening to the dial tone.

Hopefully, this will sort out you’re the issue look are looking for; How to check if you have an active phone line or not.

Step V: Checking by Calling your Phone No

Another quick and easy method to check if you have an active landline phone line or not is by calling your home number. This can be done by using any smartphone or using any other active connection. Requesting your neighbor, family member or friend could be a wise approach too.

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Method 02: Check the line coming from the outer Box

The phone line is directly coming through the outer box (access point) located outside your home. You can directly connect your phone with it in order to check if you have an active phone line. So let’s check how to do it.

  1. Locate the outer box also known as the access point outside your home.
  2. Open it, you might need a screwdriver for this job
  3. Plug your phone cord directly into it
  4. Notice the dial tone and it’s done

Method 03: Checking if you have an active landline without a phone (by checking the provider’s signals)

You can also check if you have an active phone line or not without a phone. For this purpose, you need either of the following two devices;

  • Voltmeter
  • Multimeter

These commonly used devices are usually available in every home. If not, you can easily arrange it from the nearby store. It’s an optional method. However, it is recommended to use a Voltmeter device if you want to test the provider’s signals coming to your home.

Before anything else, make sure that all the wiring in your phone is placed where it should be placed. Now attach your device with the Voltmeter and further attach the Red probe with the red wire of the phone and the Black probe with the Black wire.

Now, notice the voltage readings on the device. If the value is between 45 -45 mV, then it meant there is no problem with the singles coming through the service provider. Conversely, if the single strength is 0V then there is a possibility that the signals are not propel being established.

Why it is needed to check whether the phone line is active or not?

For the purpose to stay connected with your family, friends, and neighbors, the landline phone connection is helpful for every home. Moreover, many internet service providers also required an active phone connection to install a DSL internet connection in your home or office.

So without an active phone line, you might be disconnected from the world. The modern smart TV also required an active internet connection to stream your favorite shows live. So, this feature might be eliminated in the case of a non-active phone line.

We also recommend using the independent circuit connection as the shared connection could cause slow speed and many other issues.

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Final Verdicts (Conclusion):

After the aforementioned information, we are hopeful that you would be able to check if you have an active phone line or not. If any other issue regarding the subject persists, you can directly contact your service provider and ask for assistance.

How to check if you have an active phone line – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are the few frequently asked questions that are asked by everyone, GO through them once.

How can I check if my house has a phone line?

Checking the availability of phone lines at your home is quite simple. You can either trace the incoming connection wire plugging into your landline phone. Or you can take up the landline receiver and hear the dialer tone. If you hear a dial tone, then you have an active landline in your house.

Do I need a phone line to get broadband?

Well, it is not necessary. Many broadband internet providers are working on the fiber broadband model. However, the ADSL broadband connection is considered the most reliable connection. The providers also use your landline to connect internet. In Australia, there are more than 95% that are eligible for ADSL connection.

 Is it safe to touch a phone line?

Yes, the phone cable and lines do not carry current. That is why is absolutely safe to touch them. However, duly make sure that you don’t mix a phone line with the power line.

Can the internet work without a phone line?

Yes, the internet can work without a phone line. There are many ways i.e. satellite broadband connections, FTTP broadband connection, etc. however, these are the expensive internet connection alternatives as compared to the regular DSL broadband connection.

How long is a phone number inactive?

Generally, phone companies reassign a number after 90 days of inactive. However, there is no time limit for inactive phone numbers.

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