How to Delete Keyboard History on Samsung? [Answered 2022]

How to Delete Keyboard History on Samsung?In this content, you are going to learn everything about How to Delete Keyboard History on Samsung mobiles such as A72, S10, Note9, Note10 Plus, and various other Galaxy Devices. Almost all keyboard devices keep a short history of what you type, it knows everything. Rather than laptops and computers, Android smartphones i.e. Samsung, Huawei, etc. have the most important floating keyboard features.

The keyboard enables a person to do texting with someone, type content, search for any file in Google, make notes, and much more. but the main question arises, How to Delete Keyboard History on Samsung? So, Let’s find the answer. 

Generally, Android or Apple, every smartphone provides features to type or text to all their users. What else you type, is being automatically stored in the history of your Samsung mobile or you may call it to cache. That is why you are having the option of the Cache in the settings. Sometimes, you may be having the notification ‘your Cache is full’, which means your mobile phone is asking you to delete the keyboard history or Cache.

The keyboard history or the Cache appears on your mobile automatically because it is the already used words on your device. The texts or words that are already stored in your device have some predictable meaning and sometimes they have their suggestions or inferences. 

How to Delete Keyboard History on Samsung via settings?

Samsung is a very user-friendly mobile compared to the iPhone. It is very easy to use its interface. Hence, it is not difficult to delete the Samsung Keyboard History. It is just a click away to clear up the history or Cache. Also, the amazing thing about this is ‘It is customizable’. There are two methods by which you can delete the Samsung Keyboard History. 

Samsung Galaxy requires the following steps to follow for clearing the cache or history via Settings:

Step 1: Open theSettings” Apps on your mobile

Step 2: Now Tap General Management”. Depending on the model, you may also have to tap “General”.

Step 3: Tap Language and Input”

How to Delete Keyboard History on Samsung

Step 4: Tap On-Screen Keyboard”

 Step 5: Scroll down and tap the Samsung Keyboard” option 

How to Delete Keyboard History on Samsung

Step 6: TapReset to Default Settings”

Step 7: Tap Erase Personalized predictions” 

Step 8: Tap the option “Erase” popping out on the screen.

How to Delete Keyboard History on Samsung

And here you are done with easing the Samsung Keyboard History. This will remove all the words that have a track on your Keyboard. 

Irrelevant Predictions:

You agree or not, the predictive method assists us in typing very fast whether typing words or having a chat on your device. Sometimes, it becomes very difficult for a person to type because of the random irrelevant prediction that does not fit the exact statement you are about to type. It ends up creating lots of mistakes over and over again. Sometimes they are useful and sometimes they are not. After all, it’s software, not the human mind!

For instance, when you type messages and you do not want the suggested words to appear in the Samsung History, you may want to delete the Samsung History deleted. In the same way, whenever someone uses your device, you receive some keyboard suggestions already being displayed. You never want someone to know your password or e-mail. This happens! A lot of people do not feel comfortable in other things they type like sharing their contact, passwords, and addresses that are all being saved. 

How Auto-correct is useful?

In today’s world, mind-reading innovations are just a few years away. The device keyboard helps us to get a decent lump of us which tells a critical part of us that you can do on your device. The keyboard keeps on getting better day by day as developers enhance keyboards to convey a superior user experience to us in the form of auto-correct customized suggestions. These help to get the following word in your string with just one click as compared to typing the whole word on your own.

However, to have more control over your device and be concerned about who has been accessing your data, and delete the tracked user history following methods have been discussed. Two ways of deleting the history via Settings and one method of deleting the history via the Keyboard setting button are shared below if you are using the keyboard that comes with default settings. The thing people do not understand in the race of getting better expectations and being more accurate, nearly all of the data that your type is being easily saved and put away for reference.

How to disable predictive text?

There is another method in the Samsung Galaxy for the device to disable its words. It is also customizable. You may edit it anytime according to your desired need. It is a bit time taking for a user to go to the Default Settings and Delete the Samsung Keyboard History. Hence, another method is a shortcut with fewer options to tap. It saves time when typing in a hurry. Follow the following steps to turn off the predictive suggestions on the Samsung Galaxy series.

Step 1: Open the Setting App on your mobile.

Step 2: Tap General Management

Step 3: Tap Language and Input

Step 4: Tap On-Screen Keyboard

Step 5: Tap Smart Typing

Step 6: Toggle the Predicative Text off.

How to Delete Keyboard History on Samsung

Now, there will be No Keyboard History to delete as the Predictive text toggle is off. Your device will not have any record of what you have been typing. 

How to Clear the Samsung Keyboard History via Keyboard Settings?

To clear Samsung mobile keyboard history using the keypad settings, you have to follow the below-mentioned steps;

Step 1: On your Samsung device there is the Settings icon (gear symbol) present on the left side of the space key

Step 2: Then select the Settings” icon

Step 3: Now tap Reset to Default Settings”

Step 4: Now tap Erase Personalized Predictions”

Step 5: Tap Erase”.

Here, you are done with the Clearing of the Samsung Keyboard History in no time via Keyboard Settings. This is an extremely easy method of clearing the history by staying on one screen only. Hopefully this article on “How to Delete Keyboard History on Samsung” has cleared your insight. 

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