How to Disable the Fn Key on the Lenovo laptop?

How to Disable the Fn Key on the Lenovo laptop

How to disable the fn key on the Lenovo laptop? You are absolutely at the right place.

Lenovo is one of the top used best laptop brand that provides many outstanding features along with the latest programming. Lenovo tries to give its users the most comfortable and efficient functionalities, so the user may feel secure and coherent while doing their work. But still, there are chances that some functionalities won’t work the way users want them to.

Every laptop brand may have one or two functions that bother their users either because the user fails to understand the program or the product is not correctly equipped with the needed program. When it comes to Lenovo most of the functions are really easy to use and to proceed with, but the major issue their users are facing these days is fn key disability.

Disabling the Fn Key on the Lenovo laptop

Being a Lenovo brand user you can seek two possible ways to disable the fn key but first let us talk about fn key functions for better understanding. fn key is present at the bottom row of the keyboard of almost every laptop.

In simple words, its function is to provide assistance to the function keys or F keys present at the top of keyboards and called hotkeys. You can use different hotkey combinations for various tasks such as turning on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. But sometimes it becomes so exhausting to understand the hotkey functions, as F keys have their own basic commands such as increasing or decreasing brightness, refreshing the page, low or high volume, etc. which cannot be performed when the fn key is enabled. To use these functions of F keys you will need your fn key to be disabled.

So here in this article, we will tell you to know, How to Disable the Fn Key on the Lenovo laptop and make it easier to use other commands of F keys.

Method 01: How to Disable the Fn Key on the Lenovo laptop?

In most of the brands along with Lenovo, the basic method to disable the fn key is simple enough that you don’t need to understand any programming to tackle the issue, all you have to do is follow.

You will press the fn button together with the ESC button (fn+ESC) and your fn key will be disabled if it was enabled before and vice versa, it is as same as enabling or disabling caps lock. So, this will help you to disable the function of your laptop hotkeys and you can use F key functions without getting messy.

Method 02: How to Disable the Fn Key on the Lenovo laptop?

But if you have enabled the hotkey function by enabling the Fn key previously, but now your fn key has stopped working or the key itself is problematic then you must go for bios configuration which is an additional procedure and quite complex for someone who is illiterate to core functions.

Every branded computer offers this method but the key combination can be different for every brand. In the case of Lenovo branded computers, you have to turn off the window and after logging in you must follow the instructions given below:

  • Keep the shift keypress for a long time
  • To restart you have to click on the power icon.
  • Then your computer restart
  • when you see a blue screen has loaded
  • Then you can release the Shift key.

Many laptops have different methods to enter the bios it depends on the brand and model you are using, see what model you have, and then proceed as recommended for that particular brand. Once a blue screen or bios screen appears you are set to go further.

  • Go to the Configuration tab.
  • Search for the “Hotkey Mode” option and click it.
  • You will have to set it Enabled/Disabled according to your liking.
  • Select the Save and Exit option.

Method 03: How to Disable the Fn Key on the Lenovo laptop?

This method is almost similar to the second one but the key combination to enter the bios configuration is different, for Lenovo laptops you will have to use a different key than other brands.

So let’s start the method without further due.

  • Start your laptop and while your laptop is booting up
  • Press the F12 key twice, you will enter the bios configuration
  • enter into the configuration menu
  • You will see a column of different settings, go to the hotkey mode click, and you will get the further option of disabling or enabling the key. select disable and apply it then save it and you are all set

In some laptops, however, the f12 key will not work for entering the configuration then you will have to press another key to enter the bios. The most common keys other than f12 to enter configuration are f2 or ESC, you will have to press any of the keys that you know will work in your case twice while the laptop is booting up and the rest is the same as above.

Warning and Recommendation:

In some cases, hotkey mode is not available in the bios configuration and that can be very frustrating if you are facing this issue you will have to go to Lenovo support to check for the assessable method or available key to enter BIOS configuration.

If you have done it all mentioned above but still could not resolve the issue it would be annoying we know. Still don’t lose hope here is another method you can try I have to warn you that it completely depends on the model of your laptop where your hotkeys will be located, but it’s not harmful to try one more method.

In some models, you will have to download Lenovo settings from the window store once the settings are installed you can go for the following

  • open the setting and go for the input
  • you will see the function key option
  • here two options will be available
  • hotkeys and F1-f12
  • disable the hotkey and you are done

Important Note:

If you don’t know your model or version and this method did not work either then you better go to Lenovo support for the detailed solution, they will guide you about the model as well as functions, but we hope this article “How to Disable the Fn Key on the Lenovo laptop” is enough for you your guidance.

That’s all from the How to Disable the Fn Key on the Lenovo laptop article. Visit Lenovo Thinkpad Docking Station Dual Monitor Setup for another piece of unbiased information.

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