How To Find Out Your Laptop Screen Size Without Measuring?


How to find out your laptop screen size without measuring

How to find out your laptop screen size without measuring it? Don’t know how to do it? we will help you. just read the complete information below;

Why would anyone need to measure the size of their screen? You don’t need to have the measurements to observe any film or type your article, but you will need to measure the screen in case you want a new bag or casing for your laptop. The measurements differ on the basis of what you need, for example, if you need to replace your screen you will need to measure the dimension of the screen excluding the plastic bezel, but if you want a new casing you will have to include that bezel.

How to find out your laptop screen size without measuring?

Laptops normality comes in the size of 13 to 15 inches, but some smaller sizes are also available such as 11 inches because mini laptops are also in use as they are easily portable. If you want to determine the screen size of your laptop all you need is measuring tape (measure your laptop from one corner to another), but if you do not have a tape to measure the screen you will need to check it by other means.

Here this article will tell you about different methods to measure your laptop’s screen size

First Method: To find out your laptop screen size without measuring 

Every laptop comes with a specific model number, this model number can be used to find out the specific features of the laptop. For instance, the hp 15-R062TU model has a screen size of 15.6 inches while the hp pavilion laptop has a screen size of 13.3. Your manual will have the model number for sure, but If you don’t know your model number and cannot find it on the manual as well, you can use your laptop setting to find one. Follow the steps below to get your model number.

  • Go to the settings of your laptop
  • Open the display
  • Click on the advance display settings

Here you will either get your screen size or other model feature, if you find the screen number then you are all good but in case you find a model number instead of screen size you will have to find the laptop features online by using the model number. To easily search your laptop’s features online go to the official website of the brand’s page type the model number and you will find the screen size and resolution or other relevant information.

In case you have bought the laptop online you can also find the specifications of the product on the seller’s website. You will find all the related information about the laptop in the product specification or feature list.

You will find the screen size on the specification list, these specifications can also be found on the backside of the laptop or casing or manual. Specifications usually give you the screen size or the model number. You can also search the specifications in display settings.

Second Method: To find out your laptop screen size without measuring 

If the above method does not work you can use software to check for the screen size, there are many software available these days that can give you information about your laptop specifications such as Infoblip which can be easily used to check for the details. If you don’t want to use any software simply try to check about the laptop online by searching for the name or model number.

Third Method: To find out your laptop screen size without measuring 

Every laptop brand has a different way of mentioning the specifications or screen number; some only use the back side to place important useful information regarding features and some only user manuals, but some brands also have a unique way of mentioning screen size in the form of a number on the top right corner of the laptop. Look if there is any number mentioned on the screen, and use this number to find out the screen size, for example, the number H243X means 24’’ screen size.

Final Discussion:

Screen size is not very important to be known to using a laptop. It has nothing to do with the functions of the laptop, but if in some case you need this information, for instance, you have broken your screen and you want to replace it you will need the screen size for sure.

You can easily measure your screen size by using a measuring tape but if you do not have the tap you will need the product number, which is mostly written in the manual.

The Manual will be sufficient to give you any information that you need regarding your model’s features, but if you have misplaced the manual you will need to find the model number to find out the screen size. In the article above we have mentioned all the possible methods to find the screen size and model number, the model number is important in almost all of them, without knowing this it would be messy to determine the size.

We very much hope that you would have found the answer to How to find out your laptop screen size without measuring in the above-mentioned information.

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