How To Get Rid Of Landline And Keep Internet

Read a detailed guide on how to get rid of landlines and keep the internet working at your home. With the drastic increase of Mobile phones, the usage of landlines in homes is almost reduced to zero percent. Only keeping the internet connection and getting rid of the home phone is not difficult if you have a DSL (Digital Subscriber Line). Even when you have satellite, cable, or other wireless internet services you can easily get rid of a landline.

The DSL internet lines use separate lines for voice and internet data transfer. So, when there two separate lines are not independent of each other. It is therefore, you can disconnect either service at any time as per your requirements.

How To Get Rid Of Landline And Keep Internet

How to Get Rid of Landline and Keep Internet

To get it done, you just need to call your DSL service provider. The service provides will ask you a few questions to identify your connection and your home location. And that’s it. Just clearly let your service provider know that you don’t want the landline connection and are only interested in the internet connection.

You may be charged a few additional Dollars. As the DSL connection combined with the landline phone number is provided under a special bundle offer. When a customer intends to deviate from these bundle the service provides then charge the special rates. So asking for penalties is a good gesture rather is randomly appear on your bill.

Says goodbye to the Landline

Generally, the internet DSL connection without a phone number is not possible. When you request for the lanoline number termination. The service provides make some necessary arrangements at his end. He assigns a temporary number for this cause.

Getting rid of landline and only keeping an internet connection is possible when your service provides is giving you two different mediums for voice and data transfer. Otherwise, you won’t get rid of it because the broadband is delivered through the landline.

Is a landline necessary?

The landline connections are usually of copper wire. That is why they are self-powered. The landline connection is not necessary when you have an alternative arrangement. However, using the internet connection combined with the landline is a better option.

Because many service providers offer internet and landline services in bundles. So when you will be having a complete bundle you will definitely be having more value for your money. When going for a single service that providers might offer more costs with fewer facilities.

Ways to access broadband without a landline in Australia?

There are 03 reliable and affordable broadband services in Australia that can provide internet in your area. They are listed as follows;

  1. Virgin Media cable network
  2. Satellite broadband
  3. 4G & 5G mobile broadband

All of these are full-function, adaptable, and easy to manage services for keeping the internet at home without a landline.

Will my internet work without a landline?

Yes, absolutely yes, your internet will work properly without a landline. First of all, you need to look at the infrastructure of your home. If your home is properly wired for internet cables then you can choose the DSL wired internet without landline option.

Another way around, if the home is not made with the taken care of internet wiring, you can use wireless mode internet i.e. satellite internet, Mobile 4G, 4G internet, etc.

How do I disconnect my landline phone?

Well, this is quite easy. To disconnect your landline phone just cut the tips of your telephone wire and carefully wrap the electrical tape on the naked worn ends. Doing so, the signals supply, as well as the power supply to your telephone set, will be discontinued.

But this is not the right way. Your service from the supplies is still active and you are more likely to receive their reflection in your billing statement. It is therefore recommended to engage your service provided technician to get rid of the landline and keep the internet working.

How to only keep the internet and get rid of a Home Phone?

Getting only the internet connection without a home phone is possible. Many of the phone service providing companies are not only offering these services but also converting theory old connections to only internet services too. So it is only the customer’s choice to get only the required service. No matter whether it is with or without a landline.

So shifting your home connection to the internet while discontinuing the landline is just a phone call away. Make a call to your service provider and he will do the needful.

Is there any reason for keeping the landline?

Keeping the landline for emergencies and making calls during electricity failure is a plus. These phones take power from the DSL connection directly coming from the service provider. This is the only primary reason people use landline phones in their homes.

The call quality of voice transmission quality is another edge for keeping the landline. If you live in an area where there is a wireless singles problem then you should keep the landline as a trusted alternative. This does not cause any additional cost.


It is always good to only use the resources that are required. The same is the case for landlines. If they are not further needed? Get rid of them. We have clearly mentioned above “how to get rid of landline and keep the internet. It is simple and the solution is as easy as just a call away. Disconnection of the landline does not mean the provider would have to take the cables out of the ground.

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