How To Hide TV Cables In A Solid Wall

Television has become the most essential entertainment source in every home. You can engage yourself by watching movies, dramas, news, and playing games too. But the handing cables on the TV give an ugly look. Don’t worry, we would help you with how to hide TV cables in a solid wall. However, safety is another important reason for hiding the TV cables in a solid wall.

The TV cords are the most attractive things that appeal to Childers to play with them. It is the most dangerous thing too. That is why it is important to hide them. So keep reading the article if you are looking for the best ways to hide TV cables without breaking your wall.

This is the right place where you will get to settle your jungle of cables without making holes in the solid wall. The solution will make you able to get your home look adorable and stylish. Let’s explore them.

How To Hide TV cables In A Solid Wall

Top 10 Best Ways How to Hide TV Cables in a Solid Wall

As we know that television is the most adopted source of entertainment and keep yourself updated with the news. But sometimes the cable handling could be a serious issue for you. Whether you have attached gaming consoles such as PlayStation or Xbox 360 the towlines can ruin your home ambiance by giving a messy cable jungle look.

Don’t worry we have come up with some easy and creative ways to hide TV cables in a solid wall without breaking it. Here are they;

  1. Installing Raceway & Paint It the wall color
  2. Make a Wood Frame with Fabric to cover the cables
  3. Using cord organizer
  4. Camouflage TV Cables with the environment
  5. TV Wires behind Wall Trim
  6. Hide TV cables behind Other Objects
  7. Hide TV cable using an On-wall kit
  8. Hide TV cable using Panel Board
  9. Use a TV Stand to hide the cables
  10. Turn TV Wires into a Wall Art

How To Hide TV Cable In a Solid Wall – Detailed Step by Step guide

Let’s explore all possible opportunities one by one for you to hide all television cables without cutting the wall.

1. Installing Raceway & Paint It the wall color

Installing a raceway and painting it the same color as your wall is one of the best possible DIY methods to hide and organize your TV cables. In this way, you would not hurt your wall by cutting it and spreading a higher level of mess. A large variety of raceways is available across Australia online as well as in the physical store near you.

Usually, the TV raceways are of white color and if your TV back wall is painted in other than white color they won’t merge. The solution is to paint the raceway before placing it on your wall. So painting the duct before placing is more recommended as it will give the cable hiding duct more time to dry.

The experts suggest using Acrylic or enamel paints. It is because these types of paint are good and last longer on the plastic surface. Plus, don’t forget to properly wash the duct with soap to remove any grease and oil before applying the paint.

2. Make a Wood Frame with a Fabric cover

Make a wood frame and cover it with the fabric that can also fit your TV cable hiding requirement. It is the most recommended way to hide the TV cable in a solid wall without cutting it. This will add a beautiful background to your television set.

The selection of fabric to place on the wooden frame should be made with care. It must be in contrast with your room furniture. However, making the wooden frame is not tough. You can use 4 screws or glue to combine them into a rectangular shape. After placing the fabric on the frame, make tiny holes from which the TV cable can easily pass.

In this way, all TV cables will go hidden after going behind the fabric. They can also be accessible when required. So this is another solution for How to hide TV cables in a solid wall that can be adapted with minimal effort.

3. Using a cord organizer

It’s a device that is used to shorten your cords while arranging them over a grid. The cord organize is a simple yet helpful deice to organize all cables in one place. A cable flexing tube or cable management sleeve can also be sued in the case of a TV mounted high in the wall.

A metallic grid and wood structure is an alternative to the cord organizer.

4. Camouflage TV Cables with the environment

This method is not actually hiding your TV cable behind it. It simply camouflages it with the environment and converts it into an attractive design. This will make it difficult to identify the person who does not know where the cable is. In short, camouflage will make your TV cable invisible to everyone.

You can use different home decoration combinations. The ultimate goal is to disappear the power cables while converting the whole into beautiful wall art.

5. Putting TV Wires behind Wall Trim

Next up, we have the solution to hide TV cables in a solid wall by putting them behind the wall trim. This is an eye-catching and glorifying visual providing idea but it is difficult too. The method is only valuable if you are planning to hide you’re wired behind the fireplace.

The only problem with it is difficult to access when you need to add or remove one cable. That is a major disadvantage.

6. Hide TV cables behind Other Objects

You must be having other objects around your TV set. It’s a free-of-cost trick that you can apply to hide TV cable in a solid wall within a couple of minutes. For that, you might be needing a shelve or a showcase under the television.

Now place some books, home decoration pieces, lamps, picture frames, etc., and arrange them by setting their position in a way to hide the cables. Take good care of the idea. Please don’t put the objects randomly they should be arranged properly.

7. Hide TV cable using an On-wall kit

Using an in-wall kit or on-wall kit is something that can also be sued to hide TV cable in a solid wall. As we are looking for a solution that does not involve any damage to the wall that is what the on-wall kit is recommended. It is more or less similar to the raceway attached to the wall.

8. Hide TV Cable using a panel board

Last but not the least, using Panelboard for hiding the extra cable. For this, you need to please a small wooden block on the wall behind your TV. Once it is fixed, you can make a panel board and wrap the cable around it.

This will not only hide your cables but will also give you enough space behind the TV to place HDMI, USB plug-in, or out.

9. Use a Television Stand

A TV stand can also do the job for you. It’s a stylish way to disappear TV cords. Using a TV stand to hide cable could be an expensive method. We do not advise buying a new TV stand for this purpose exclusively. You can go with any other method mentioned here in this article.

Some TV stands have more than one shelf and spaces specified for hiding the cables and placing the digital satellite box. So you can use them.

Other creative ways to hide TV cable in a solid wall

We have listed all the top 10 best commonly used methods to hide TV cable in a solid wall. But the story does not end here, we have a few other creative ideas to hide the cable in a solid wall. Let’s review them too.

You can use extra objects available in your home to conceal the TV cables. It’s a test for your imagination and creative mind. For that, you are not going to buy any additional things.

Use file binders

They are not only made for the biding of office files. They can also be intact with to manage the cables. Place a clip on your cable and hang them behind your furniture and that is it. All cables are disappeared.

 How to Hide TV cables in a solid wall – Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Refer to these below-mentioned quick question and their short answer for further deep-level understanding.

How do hide TV wires without cutting the wall?

You can hide the TV wires without cutting walls or making holes out of them using the following simple methods.

  • Use cable hiding duct or tidy kit. The TV cables will be placed inside the duct and it will be caped. You can also paint it to match the background color.
  • Check for the readymade whole to hide the cable. If it is available then it will serve the purpose.
  • Hide the cable behind the furniture
  • D link and turn in the round shape to cover it up behind the Tv unit.

How to mount the TV on the wall without showing wires?

To mount the TV on the wall without showing wires, you need to place a wooden frame behind the TV. Covering it with a matching and attractive fabric would be a plus. The hole will be made inside the frame and all your cables will go inside it.

Conclusion – Key take:

Wrapping up the topic with words of thanks. We have tried to mention all available methods to hide cables. Hiding TV cables is the last thing that you need to do after buying and mounting them on your wall. This is important for enhancing your home decor and TV watching experience. SO this is it for now on How to hide TV Cables in a Solid Wall.

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