How To Improve HP Laptop Camera Quality – Easy Tricks

HP laptop camera quality

Looking for the option to improve HP laptop camera quality? read the following article and we are good to go with the best and easy ways to improve HP laptop camera quality.

The camera is one of the most widely used components of digital devices, while mobile phones’ camera is used for taking pictures and making videos the webcam of the laptop is used to make video calls to friends and family and often for professional conference calls. No matter for what purpose the camera is being used its quality is a major, but laptop cameras seldom give you satisfactory results.

The pictures captured by the laptop’s cam are often flickery and darker, this problem is also seen with hp laptops because most of the laptop brands have restricted their cam resolution to 720p, so does hp. Many complaints have been seen about the latest hp pavilion notebook as well, but there is a very limited solution for the issue.

Improving HP Laptop Camera Quality

While we see a huge improvement in digital devices over years the camera quality of laptops remains the same. Hp or any other brand, even if you have bought the laptop at a reasonable price your cam quality is most likely to be the same. There is no particular reason for that as the webcams are built this way, and oft-time the users get so irritated by constant poor video quality, especially if they have to attend an online meeting.

People complain and ask about the solutions but there are no solid solutions to that all you can do is to try some tricks to improve the quality while video calling or taking pictures. If you are reading this article you are probably one of those who have faced the issue and next in the article, we will tell you how you can improve your hp laptop’s camera quality.

Your background does matter:

If you are in the dim-lit room or your laptop’s position is not adjusted towards the light you will see a darker quality of image no matter how good your camera quality is, so first and foremost rearrange your laptop in a good position so that you and your camera is under enough light to make your image brighter, second adjust your background try to use your cam in a room with light paint and sufficient light.

Updating the laptop’s video settings:

Whatever application you are using while video calling on a laptop you can improve the video quality through video settings by adjusting the brightness, color balance, or however you would like to balance the effects of your video. You can also work on the quality of service by improving the bandwidth, as using other applications such as watching videos on YouTube while video calling on Skype can affect the video quality by consuming the bandwidth, so try to avoid overloading your service by using many apps at a time.

Buying an external webcam:

With the growing online communication, the need for good cam quality has also increased, but there are very limited solutions for this problem. One of the measures that people do and we will recommend you is to buy an external webcam. The sole webcams that are available in the market have much better camera quality, you can attach them to the top of your laptop for use.

The external webcam provides extensively great resolution for video calls and thus improves the HP laptop camera quality. they may cost you a few bucks but it is value for money. you will enhance your video calling experience on HP laptops.

Using the third-party software:

Many users go for third-party software to improve their camera quality as this is the cheapest and easy trick to improve crisp images and video quality of laptops. There are many options available from free to paid such as YouCam 9 Deluxe, ManyCam, and debut video capture software widely used. This software has many pros and cons but the basic use is to improve the quality of the video.

Decreasing your screen resolution:

If you are facing slant video quality consistently you can fix this issue by decreasing the screen resolution to get a sharper image quality. It has been seen by multiple users that decreasing the screen resolution can improve HP laptop camera quality.  This can be done by following the steps below

  •    Go to the settings
  •    Open appearances or display
  •    Go to the screen resolution and decrease the resolution

Final words:

We have told you about all measures you can use to improve the quality of your hp laptops webcam in the above article, these methods also work for all the other brands. You can use any trick to improve the quality but if none of the measures satisfy you buying an external webcam would definitely do the work in the long term.

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