How to Increase Brightness in HP Laptops?

How to Increase Brightness in HP Laptops

The brightness of a digital device is one of the most important features for efficient usage. Seeing clearly while typing or watching your favorite show is something everyone wants. don’t worry if you don’t know, How to increase brightness in hp laptops. we are here with that specific information article to help you. So look into it.

Hp is one of the top laptop brands that launch new products once a year. Its laptop has many cool features which give the user a great experience, however, in this topic, we will talk about how to increase the brightness in hp devices. The normal brightness level when you unbox your device is fair enough but if you are a person of light sensitivity you may want to decrease the brightness.

Or if you are working in a bright environment you may need to increase the brightness of the screen to see clearly, for an instant, if you are working in a sunny environment on a bright day you will need to increase the brightness to adjust your sight.

How to Increase Brightness in HP Laptops?

Increasing or decreasing the brightness level in any laptop computer including HP is very much important. You can not only set it for better visuals but can also set the light level that would be safe for your eyes too. Moreover, having control over the light of your device is a blessing as you can adjust it whenever you want however your want.

In some devices, the brightness is functioned to be dim especially in devices that come with low price or minor brands, but top brands have a specialty in giving their customers the best experience so they usually make sure your brightness level is lit, controllable, and comfortable.

Sometimes when you buy a new laptop and do not quite understand the function you go to google and search for the solution, if you are reading this article you will get the best guidance on the practices of increasing brightness in the preceding article.

Increasing the brightness of HP laptop by setting the app:

The first method I am going to tell you is increasing brightness via the HP laptop setting app

  • At first, open the setting app by pressing window + I at the same time
  • A new window will open up with various setting options such as networks or device settings, but you will have to go for system settings, once you have clicked the system icon another bar will appear and you will get a display option
  • Click the display option and a slider will appear with a brightness/color option.
  • Swipe the slider to the right to increase the brightness.

Increasing the brightness in HP Laptops:

Function keys (Fn) are made to command various functions, they are quite vast in their use. You can control anything easily by just pressing various combinations of F keys.

Similarly, brightness can also be increased by using the Fn keys a few people know about this method because they don’t pay much attention to the signs made on these keys, or some people are completely unaware of the combinations.

Here will tell you about the steps and uses of the Fn key to increase brightness.

F keys are present on the top of the hp laptop’s keyboard these keys are relatively smaller than other keys on the keyboard; you will find F keys from F1 to F12 all these keys serve many purposes, so let’s start to dig into the question that how these keys can be used to increase the brightness.

The combination of keys to Increase Brightness in HP Laptops

How to Increase Brightness in HP Laptops? Follow the below-mentioned key combinations to get brightness level control. you can increase it by moving to the right and vice-versa.

Method 1: Using the F3 key:

F2 and f3 keys are can be used to control the brightness you will also find the sign of a brighter/larger sun on the f3 key and a slightly small/dim sun sign on the f2 key, indicating that f3 is used for increasing the brightness, and f2 for decreasing it, but it is not that simple to adjust the brightness by just pressing these keys, sometimes this method does not work entirely, but not to worry there are other combinations you can press to increase the brightness.

Method 2: Using Fn and F3 key:

So if pressing f3 fails you can still increase the brightness by using the fn key.

The fn key is present in the bottom row of the keyboard just along with the Ctrl key.

Press-hold the fn key simultaneously with the f3 key to increase the brightness.

Method 3: Increasing the brightness of the Action Center

It’s the third method of increasing the brightness and probably the simplest method. This method is used by most users to increase brightness because it’s easy to understand you don’t have to go for different keys, or through setting apps to increase the brightness. 

All you have to do is look for the taskbar. The taskbar is a long dark bar at the bottom of the desktop, here you will see an icon in the right corner, and once you have spotted the icon the rest becomes easy.

  • Click the icon in the right corner of the taskbar
  • The action center will appear on the right screen of the desktop with a brightness slider on the bottom.
  • Now, move the slider to the right side to increase the brightness and to the left to decrease it.

Note. You can also press window+A at the same time to open the action center.

Method 4: Increasing the brightness of the HP from the control panel

The control panel is assessable through the start menu so for increasing the brightness you will have to follow the steps below.

  • Click the start menu and here you will spot the control panel option.
  • Click the control panel option and the control panel will be opened
  • Now click the window mobility center option
  • You will have the option of displaying brightness on the control panel with a slider
  • Move the slider to the right to increase the brightness.

How to Increase Brightness in HP Laptops? We have shown you every method to increase the brightness of your hp laptop in this article, you can use any method you think is easy for increasing the brightness, but we will recommend you to go for the simplest ones as the third method (increasing the brightness by action center) is the easiest.

If you are not a hp user but facing the same problem of the dim screen, you can also use all of these ways except increasing the brightness by the f key method, because there is a slight difference between the key combination of every brand.

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