How To Make The Laptop Run Faster On Battery? – Tips & Tricks

How To Make The Laptop Run Faster On Battery

Need to know How to make the laptop run faster on battery? You are at the right place. Your curiosity will end here. The most know reason for reduced laptop performance is its power compromised settings which are set for improved battery life. So, if your laptop is slow, it may be set to the power saver mode.

Are you left with only a fraction of the battery as compared to what it used to be? Keeping your device in perfect condition is proof that you are getting value of your money and you take care of your things. There are many things that you can do to improve the working of your laptop at its peak level.

With the passage of time, the speed of the laptop keeps on getting slow. Plus many devices including laptops save on power consumption and increase battery time because these are designed by the developer to decrease the performance in order to save electricity usage.

How To Make The Laptop Run Faster On Battery?

Don’t know the settings recommended for How to make the laptop run faster on battery. Laptops require more battery to run faster than usual like at full speed. By adjusting the few options in your laptop settings, you can enjoy a full boost of power. After that, stop worrying about the battery timings when you have already plugged your laptop into the mains.

Developers have created options that modify the devices and laptops according to the need. Whenever your Laptop tries to modify a way to manage the low battery, it modifies itself accordingly to manage the battery timing thus the speed decrease automatically. But it is the user’s option to keep on going with the low speed or work with the faster one. There are options created by the developers with respect to the need, why not avail them?

Adjusting the power options to improve laptop speed:

Adjusting the power option to the most suitable settings could help you in a way to make the laptop run faster on battery. You can adjust the power option for better performance by navigating to the;

Start > Control Panel > hardware & Sounds > Power Options:

A windows settings for the power plan will be visible on your screen. Now select the full power boost by going to the additional power plan and selecting the high performance further to it. Now, enjoy the super-fast speed on the laptop. In this mode, the battery will drain faster, therefore, keeping the adopter plugin into the main electric supply.

Full Power Boost on laptop:

To do these choose the following steps and enjoy the full power boost.

  • Go to the Start button present on the desktop.
  • Press the Control Panel button from the opened menu.
  • Select Hardware and Sound in the next menu.
  • Go to Power Options.

A window menu has appeared with the heading Select a Power Plan with many options underneath. There you will find another option named Show Additional Plans.

  • Click the Down Arrow beside
  • Now click the option High Performance.

Here you go now! Enjoy the highest speed from your computer in performing any task. The laptop will work according to your choice now with high performance in less time.

You will need to connect the plugs while working because of the high speed of the laptop. Your laptop’s battery will drain faster if you have not connected the charger with the mains. To avoid the above scenario, your charger should always be connected to the plug while working.

 Tips and Tricks to Increase A Laptop’s Battery Health For Faster Performance

There are a few tips and tricks that help in achieving the prior glory of your laptop.

  • Cool Things Down by using the only required applications. Closing the unwanted application will save your laptop’s Operating system resources and you will get a higher performance over the battery.
  • Replacing the malfunctioning battery would be another solution for “How to make the laptop run faster on battery”
  • Monitor your system processes by using the windows battery performance slider. Which is an advanced option in Windows 10.
  • Upgrade your RAM as low memory may also cause slow laptop computer speed.
  • Run a Virus Scan regularly
  • Transfer your data to the cloud
  • Check for free replacements
  • Swap your Hard Drive for an SSD
  • Try a fresh install of your Operating System
  • Download an Installer Program

The above options are available on every laptop and whenever you feel your laptop is running out of battery faster than usual. Each of the options will enhance the battery timing in its own way. But ultimately running the laptop on a higher battery power speed than usual can destroy the performance that it used to do safely. All these options have their own specific importance in making the device work faster on the battery. Hence, a user can modify the device used in any way. The adjustments are being done and have their use on a technical basis.

Why does a laptop run faster on direct power?

A direct power laptop means no connection with the battery power source. So the laptop will use all its resources with no worries about power consumption. Hence, it will yield the best performance. That is why they run faster on direct power.

The daily use of my laptop includes viewing pictures, using applications like Microsoft Office, waiting for movies, and using the internet. The laptops, tablets, Chromebooks as well as all laptops are configured to use less power when working on battery power. Consuming lesser power means compromised performance.

However, the slower performance on only battery power is intentionally a strategic approach for a laptop to last longer. It is not a fault. Adopting a few recommendations like not opening too many tabs could improve battery life and overall system performance.

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