How To Use Your Laptop As A Monitor For Xbox 360?

How To Use Your Laptop As A Monitor For Xbox 360

Wondering how to use your laptop as a monitor for Xbox 360? You are at the right place, in this blog we will completely elaborate on the process and step-by-step methods to connect your laptop as a monitor with your gaming console. So let’s start;

Being Xbox lovers you may be choosing to play games like FIFA, GTA V, Far Cry, Prince of Persia, Forza Horizon, and many other interesting games. But the non-availability of television is a common issue faced by many of us, for this, we bring you the best-recommended methods for your laptop to work as a high-definition display screen for your gaming console i.e. Xbox 360.

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How To Use Your Laptop As A Monitor For Xbox 360?

We have a collection of methods to quickly and easily connect your laptop with Xbox 360 as a monitor. These are the most suitable and easily adaptable laptop to Xbox 360 connections approaches that we have listed here below:

  1. Connect laptop as a monitor for Xbox using HDMI
  2. Through Ethernet cable
  3. Connection through USB to HDMI adopter
  4. Using Xbox App

Connect laptop as a monitor for Xbox using HDMI:

High definition multimedia interface is a new technology cable that is globally used for high-quality graphical media transformation such as gaming or 4k movies display. HDMI cable works as a two-way bridge to transfer media from Xbox 360 to a laptop screen. To use your laptop as a monitor for Xbox 360, your need to assemble your devices first and follow these steps,

  • Get the components of your gaming console including console, laptop device, and HDMI cable ready for connection. Here at this point, you need to make sure that the laptop being used must have an HDMI connection port. As many laptops make only come with a VGA port instead of HDMI. If the HDMI port is missing from your laptop then you won’t able to connect HDMI whatever happens.
  • Now mark your I/O sources, Detection of input and output sources is important. Your Xbox is an output source as it will transfer data to HDMI that will further be displayed on your laptop screen. Your laptop will be an output source as it will only display the media omitted by the gaming console.
  • After spotting the input and output sources, you need to connect both the laptop and Xbox 360 with an HDMI cable. For that, close all programs opened on your laptop and power OFF your gaming device. Likewise, properly plug in one end of HDMI into the laptop’s HDMI input port and the second end into Xbox’s output port.
  • Turn on the Xbox and your laptop will swiftly perceive the input. You can change display resolution settings from the laptop’s display setting. Switching the Xbox display is as simple as you are switching for a projector view.

So, these are the few simple steps following them will allow you to play Xbox games on your laptop display. For many of you, the problem still persists if your laptop is missing an HDMI port or you didn’t have an HDMI cable. No worries at all, just move to our second solution.

Using laptop as a monitor for Xbox 360 without HDMI Connection

I am pretty much sure that a solution for how to use your laptop as a monitor for Xbox 360 has filled the requirement of many of us, but if you are reluctant to use HDMI cable then the following are some other simple methods to copy.

Network or Ethernet cable:

The Ethernet cable or CAT-5 cable also known as network cable can also be used to connect your laptop and Xbox 360. It’s an advanced technique to connect two devices available within the same LAN or WAN network. To establish a wireless connection you must need a wireless card and Windows 10 operating system installed on your laptop.

  • If you have an Xbox account then login in from the window otherwise create a new one and sign in.
  • Turn your Xbox device on, a connection button will be seen on the left bottom of your laptop. On clicking, you will come to know that both devices are connected using the same internet network. Plus, this will allow you to stream gaming videos on your laptop screen sourced from Xbox 360.

Connecting USB HDMI Adapter:

If the HDMI port is missing on your laptop it doesn’t mean that you cannot get an Xbox display on your laptop. Using a USB –HDMI adopter will be the best solution in this case. It’s a kind of conversion of your USB port into HDMI to fix the issue.

The quality might be the issue in this case, but this will flawlessly share the display of your games on your wide laptop screen. Using a VGS card or Video capture card may cause some lagging issues and your man be fad-up of unsatisfactory performance but it’s helpful to some extent.

Share Display using Xbox App:

Still, looking for How To Use Your Laptop As A Monitor For Xbox 360? use shared display using Xbox Application. It is not tricky, installing an Xbox app on a laptop will windows 10 could fix the issue. Just download, and go to the system where you need to allow other devices for gaming streaming. Open the installed application and you will see a connection button in the bottom left corner of your laptop screen, click it.

You will see a list of consoles, here you need to only select your Xbox console and again click the connect option. You are viewing the Xbox display on your computer screen. Please note that the requirement of the windows 10 operating system is mandatory here, you might not able to connect wirelessly with any other version of windows.


The subject information for “how to use your laptop as a monitor for Xbox 360” comes to an end. All these mentioned methodologies are not restricted to being used for Xbox 360, you can use any gaming console like PSP, Xbox one, etc.

That’s all for now on How To Use Your Laptop As A Monitor For Xbox 360, we are very much sure that the provided information would have proved beneficial to increase your gaming experience

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