How To Watch Catch-Up TV On Smart TV [Watch Favorite Show]

Have missed your favorite TV show? Don’t know How to watch catch-up TV on a smart TV? Don’t worry we have the solution. Reading the article,

It’s because of catch-up TV that you no further need to sit in front of your TV all the time to watch your favorite show. Thanks to this online catch-up service in Australia you have your own terms and condition to watch TV.

If you have a smart TV and a working internet connection then you won’t need to worry about your missed TV shows. You can watch them any time anywhere.

how to watch catch-up tv on smart tv

How to watch catch up TV on smart TV

They are many ways to watch catch-up TV on your smart TV in Australia. Using Freeview is one of the most used options. Catch-up TV is a collection of all your wanted TV serial and reality shows that are available online. So if you missed any of your episodes on TV, you can stream them online anytime, anywhere.

What is Catch-up TV?

It’s not a kind of hardware television set. These programs are accessible online by their TV channels. These could be free or underpaid subscriptions. It means you can watch them anytime, anywhere with a working internet connection.

The important thing that you need to know is the duration of catchup TV. When these programs are available online? Well, there is no limit. Few programs stay forever and few are takedown after 30 days by their broadcaster. It totally depends on the platform from where they are coming.

Netflix, Amazon Prime, and a few others are paid yet most reliable sources where your favorite TV shows last forever. But you have to buy their paid subscription. Although, there is no rule of thumb for when a Programme will be taken off-air. You can check the official website of channels for this particular information.

Watching Catch up TV on Smart TV

Almost all famous and top-rated broadcasters in Australia have cat-up TV services. The timely and regularly post the show online once it is gone on air on TV transmissions. Following is the list of channels are provide catch-up TV for sure in Australia.

  • ABC’s View
  • ABC1
  • ABC2
  • ABC comedy, ABC me, ABC kids, ABC News
  • Plus7
  • Channel 9
  • 9 life
  • Network 10 including 10 Bold and 10 Peach
  • SBS one
  • GEM
  • Go!
  • NITV
  • Any many others

All these top-rated channels provide video on demand and catch-up TV services. The SBS, Plus 7 are the only channels in Australia that also provide 100% captioning for live and non-live shows

How to watch catch TV on a smart TV?

To watch catch-up TV on your smart TV you need an active internet connection. The smart TV has the option to access Google Play Store and popular entertainment platforms i.e. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Free view, etc. all these options are available in your smart TV and can be accessed by going into the TV menu and searching for the desired TV show you missed.

Watching catch-up on Live TV

So this is how your catch up on a live show, press the menu button on your TV, and navigate to the search using the remote arrow keys. Now, type in the live show your missed. Select the show by pressing the OK key. Once it is a clock, the show will be selected and you can watch it by clicking the Play button.

Catch up on TV through providers

The big-name TV shows provide their own catch-up TV using the TV set-top box on online entertainment platforms. Their program is often available right after they went on-air. The only problem with these providers is that their program remains available online only for seven to ten days. So have to watch them for ten days.

The mobile app of many providers is also available to facilitate you watching TV when away from home. A few famous TV providers that offer catch up TV are listed below;

  • Sky go
  • Now App
  • Talk talk TV
  • BT TV App

More about How to watch catch up TV, Video on demand, and movies online on smart TV

The on-demand TV has gone strength to strength in recent years giving access to you a whole range of content across the globe. If you have a relatively new TV or perhaps a set-top-box blue ray player or game console, there is a strong likelihood that you will have a lot of catch-up TV services built-in.

However, if you got a slightly older TV version you don’t need to miss out on all this goodness. There are a lot of devices that can convert the older TV into smart TV such as smart boxes, android sticks, etc.

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How to watch smart TV on non-smart TV?

To do it so, first, you need to convert non-smart TV into Smart TV. Otherwise, it is not possible. Following are some of the most recommended and easy-to-use methods to convert non-smart TV into a smart TV. So let’s explore them one by one.

Smart TV stick

Also known as android stock is a kind of USB device that can be attached to your old conventional TV to provide it with all features that a smart TV can have. The Smart TV stick can also be attached using an HDMI cable/connector.

Once it is properly connected your need to connect your TV with your internet modem. The most popular Smart TV sticks available in the Australian market are;

  • Amazon Fire Stick
  • Chromecast or Miracast
  • Now TV stick
  • Roku Streaming Stick

Smart TV Box

A smart TV box is one of the best reliable conversions to a smart TV. It possesses all features of a Smart TV stick and additionally can connect you with the TV aerial, Satellite, or Dish TV to watch and catch up on all TV shows. Usually, the smart TV box comes with a subscription plan that you need to choose to access your favorite shows and online movies.

Few of the commonly used Smart TV boxes are;

  • Now TV set Box
  • Sky HD (all-time best)
  • BT vision
  • Virgin Media

On the other hand, these are a few smart TV boxes that work absolutely free. They did not require any subscription. They are;

  • YouView
  • Freeview
  • FreeTime

Game Console

The game consoles can also be used for streaming video on demand and watching catch-up television. Consoles like Xbox and PlayStation are compatible to work with almost all kinds of TVs.


Catch-up TV is needed in modern times. It is also important for the providers to get their audience engaged. That is what many of them are providing. In this article, we have tried to cover all verticals regarding “How to watch catch up TV on smart TV” and hope that would have provided the solution to watch your missed shows anywhere.

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