HP laptop keeps losing WIFI connection Windows 10?

HP laptop keeps losing WIFI connection window 10

Facing a problem with the wireless internet connectivity? Does your HP laptop continuously discount the wifi? no need to worry, this article on Hp laptop keeps losing WIFI connection Windows 10 will help you to get out of this hassle.

The HP laptop is a famous laptop brand but has minor issues.  Losing the Wi-Fi connection is quite a common issue that hp users are facing in recent times. If you are facing the Hp laptop keeps losing WIFI connection window 10? Then this article is specifically rounded about that.

Latest or old this problem has been seen with almost every hp model especially when running Windows 10 on it. It can be distracting for you to lose connection, again and again, you might lose interest in whatever you are doing. It is complete torture to keep trying and lose the connection while sending your important emails, watching your favorite movie, etc.

Still, when there is a problem there is a solution too. Many people complain about these issues, because the internet gets discontented while they are up to something important and need a good Wi-Fi connection the most, such as business-related conference video calls, watching serials, and school-related assessments, and all these are interpreted due to connection issues.

So, keep going, and let’s find that why your Hp laptop keeps losing WIFI connection windows 10.

HP laptop keeps losing WIFI connection windows 10

As we aren’t exactly familiar with the pinpoint issues which is causing connectivity problem. But, we will discuss the possible solution in detail in the preceding article. These issues can be resolved. You must continue reading this to learn the solution. This might help you in many regards, so let’s get started!

Possible Solutions for HP laptop keeps losing WIFI connection window 10

First of all, you must know the exact issue, if you know what’s causing the problem you can find a specific solution. The issue might be a connection problem or it might be due to any other hardware or software issue.

Ensure that all the wireless buttons are enabled

Because many hp laptops have this system of a wireless button. There will be icons present.

On the keyboard, there will be a key for signals to turn on/off.

Many wireless buttons don’t have a light to show you the system of enabling this signal. So, you can go for the taskbar in this way you can check the present situation of connectivity issues.

Once you get to check this, you can turn on signals and then connect to the internet.

But if the signal is turned off, then retry by getting back double-check, and then connect it again.

There might be some troubleshooting problems:   

The troubleshooting is used to identify the problem. This will help to check out the problems to resolve them and make the programs operational again. So, you must run the troubleshooting on your hp laptop.

  • First of all, you go to the setting, for the search bar.
  • In the search bar, you have to type for troubleshooting.
  • Then in the internet menu, select and click for Run the troubleshooting.
  • You will continue after the further options pop out. You’ll select one option to troubleshoot my internet connection.

Refresh & Reinstall the Window Drivers: 

After you tried many choices regarding HP laptop keeps losing WIFI connection window 10 issue. You should also go for this option to reinstall the window-10 drivers again. So, this might help to regain normal connectivity in window-10. If the issue persists, then reinstalling Windows 10 would be the last option.

  • You can install it on a USB drive or online.
  • You can restart your laptop.
  • After this, you will be able to reinstall your window again.

Updating wireless adapter driver:

In case none of the above steps helps you. You can go for this option.

For the wireless adapter, you can download LAN wireless adapter. This can help resolve the connectivity issue. You can use it to update it by USB or by DVD on the laptop.

You can go for the device manager option. After clicking this you go for the wireless network option and double-click the option. Right-click for the option of driver update, then search and click for auto-update driver. After installing it, follow all the steps below.

Check and upgrade hardware settings:

In this, you can upgrade or reset hardware issues to resolve internet connectivity. First of all, you need to unplug or disconnect all the sources from your laptop. Even if you’re getting internet from the router or any other source. Every kind of connection must be disconnected no matter wireless.

  • Turn your laptop off.
  • After some seconds to minutes, you can turn on the laptop and look for lights to light up.
  • Then all the buttons on the keyboard will lighten up along with WIFI and the power button will be blinking.
  • You can now plug in any kind of source.
  • If your internet doesn’t connect automatically, then go for the taskbar and click the wireless icon connection.

If still, this indicates any problem, there might be another issue with your leads or power supply. So, this cannot detect the pinpoint issue of internet connectivity. But still, check for your modem or internet supply wires.

Enabling the Auto Updates to resolve Wifi Connectivity problem:

For updating manually you can get any automatic updates you can go for outdated drivers. For this purpose, you can use Drive Fix Software, this can be helpful as well.

  • Look for this software for auto-updates and install this Drive Fix Software on your laptop.
  • After installation, you can check for all the instructions and rules to use it in a better way.
  • This can help you in giving better options to find and resolve corrupt and faulty drivers.

This software is resourceful and provides several resolutions. So, it will help you fix many issues including connectivity or software issues.

You can also install many other new drivers. Which can help in many ways. If still, this doesn’t work, then it is recommended to write an email to support the subject “HP laptop keeps losing WIFI connection window 10”. to visit their after-sale support center to diagnose any possible hardware malfunction.

Final words:

After this article, you will be much more familiar with the causes and solutions to connectivity problems in hp laptops. We have tried to enlighten every possible solution in detail, and we hope this article will be enough to solve your issue. First, try to understand what is causing the connection problem and then try the related solution. If still you cannot find or understand the problem we will recommend you to see an internet expert, it is possible that your setup is completely fine and the issue is from the connection Provider Company.

So that’s all from the HP laptop that keeps losing WIFI connection window 10 articles. keep exploring the website for more detailed solutions on the different technical aspects.

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