Laptop Only Works When Plugged In – Best Solution

Laptop Only Works When Plugged In

Does the laptop only work when plugged in? This is one of the most frustrating situations faced by laptop owners. your work would be at stake that can disappear any time if the power supply stops. But don’t worry, give you the solution. Read this Laptop only works when plugged in information guide till the end and you get the most adapted solution to tackle this situation.

There are so many other reasons for this problem. Many laptop users think that their laptop turns off while working even it is fully charged because it is some heating problem or somewhat else. It may be due to battery issues, dust in the batteries, or a power management system.

The laptop only works when plugged in – Solution

You are thinking that why your laptop turns off while plugged on or while working even it is fully charged. How will you get to know if you have to buy a new battery or not? Here you will be glad to know that we are going to tell you some ways to fix this issue. this is not a show stopper, we have provided many solutions to solve this problem, just scroll down and read them, it’s free.

Figuring out if there is some problem with the battery:

Laptop only works when plugged in? Firstly, you have to connect your laptop with a charger to an external power source to figure out what the problem is. Charge your laptop for some hours to give it a good time to get full charge up to 100%. Now with the running laptop, check the battery icon on your desktop if it is fully charged or not. If the icon shows 0% battery then it is fully dead because it means power is not getting to your laptop.

  • If your laptop shuts down immediately, you have a bad battery.
  • If your laptop shuts after taking a short span of time (10 to 20 minutes), you still have a bad battery.

There may be some adapter issues as well. There are adaptors that are smart to run the laptops but not smart enough to charge the battery. To check if your adaptor is too small for your laptop, try to shut down the laptop while leaving it plugged in. The battery should get charged. If it still does not get charged, it is a battery issue.

Battery checking software:

There are various software tools that are helpful in checking the health of the battery of your laptops such as Notebooks and many batteries checking creative measures. This software also helps in detailed health checking of the battery such as how long will the charging take, average battery timing, average charging time, etc.

Diagnostic Tools:

You should also check the laptop manufacturing company’s website which also suggests some diagnostic tools to test and check where the problem is such as Toshiba’s PC health monitor. It may also have already been installed on your laptop. The diagnostic tools do a pretty good job of diagnosing the failing or dead batteries. It is another easy way to detect the health of your battery and determine where the problem actually is.

Cleaning the dust in the batteries:

You should clearly check the tidiness of the prior battery before buying the new one. It is very important to clean the inner and outer surfaces of the laptop. For this, turn off your computer, remove cables and remove the battery. There may be a possible condition that there is some dust stuck inside the plugs of your battery’s metal and the laptop gaps that connect the charger.

How to remove the Battery?

If you are able to work with your laptop if it is plugged in, then it is great news that your charger or its adaptor is not the issue. Before removing the battery, make sure that your laptop is turned off. Carefully remove the back screws of the back cover of the battery. Then gently remove the back cover. Locate the battery inside which is normally a rectangular shape device. You can replace the battery with a known working battery. It should work now. If it is still not working, there may be some issue with the wires inside the laptop. This is an electrical problem which will be dealt with someway by a nearby electronic store around you or you may either send it back to the company.

Things to do before Replacing Battery – Last Chance:

Laptop only works when plugged in? There might be some connection issue between the charger and the battery. Before moving to have a new battery you must give the last chance to your previous battery.

Your laptop tries to turn off again and again because it thinks that there is no power in your laptop. When you connect the charger, the laptop does not detect it and keeps on turning it off again. It does not charge the battery whenever you try to connect the charger.

Follow the following steps to give the last chance to your battery.

  1. To kill the static energy in your battery, remove the battery and press the start button for 20 to 30 seconds.
  2. With the removed battery, connect the charger to the laptop and turn on the power.
  3. Now insert the battery into the powered-on laptop. The trick is that your laptop will detect the battery and it will start charging correctly.


Replacing the battery is not the right solution that should be adopted. Once the laptop start malfunctioning such as the laptop only works when plugged in. you need to first identify the possible reason. after that try to solve it with different methods tricks and tips that do not include the replacement of battery or hardware. Replacing the battery or any other component of the laptop would cost you something. It is, therefore, replacement of the Battery should be your last consideration.

So, we have that the aforementioned different techniques would help you to solve your Laptop only works when plugged in problem and you will be back to work with battery power support.

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