Lenovo Thinkpad Docking Station Dual Monitor Setup

Lenovo Thinkpad Docking Station Dual Monitor Setup

The procedure for Lenovo Thinkpad docking station dual monitor setup is honestly simple. This easy guide will help you to complete this process. Using Leno Type-C hybrid docking station device is the most reliable method.

The step-by-step method is provided below but before going further into Lenovo Thinkpad Docking Station Dual Monitor Setup you need to ensure that the HDMI connectors, Video poets, and other accessories are available.

Lenovo Thinkpad docking station dual monitor setup

The setup consists of two methods that are;

  1. Using external connectors (Docking station)
  2. Using Other Connection Ports

Method-I: Connecting via Docking Station:

The Lenovo docking station is an external device same as multiple USB connectors that allows your Lenovo Thinkpad to establish a connection with other multiple devices such as monitors.

Step-1: Make the connection between your Laptop, Docking Station, and Display Monitors

Make sure, your Laptop Lenovo ThinkPad, or any other you are currently using is connected with the display monitors using Lenovo’s Docking Device.

The docking station will work as a bridge between your laptop as an information source and monitors that will be used to display the information.

The connection is simple to establish, as simple as plug-in connectors into the docking station. Keep in mind to check your Graphics Card, it must support a dual monitor display setup.

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Step-2: Rearranging the Display by opening the dialog box

This could be done using the F7 key on your Lenovo ThinkPad keyboard or you can view it by pressing the “Window key” and “P” together (Window logo + P). Pressing these keys will open the project dialog box.

When you are connecting between a Docking station, Dual Monitors, and Laptop with the windows 10 operating system, you may need to configure some settings in order to protect your display on external monitors properly.

Usually, Windows 10 automatically detects the external device connected through a docking station but mentioning this alternative here is necessary to some extent. Follow these steps if required;

  1. Right-click anywhere on the screen
  2. Select “Display Settings”
  3. Click on “Detect”

Hence, doing the same your laptop computer will detect the external display monitors connected to it, and Lenovo Thinkpad Docking Station Dual Monitor Setup is complete.

Step-3: Selection of Suitable Screen Sharing Option

Once the project dialog box is open, now you need to select the adequate screen sharing option i.e. Extended, Duplicate, Second Screen only for external monitors.

Upon selection of the relevant option, the window will automatically apply the correct resolution which will be more suitable for the physical connection between your laptop and external monitors. You also have the option to set settings manually. Lenovo Thinkpad Docking Station Dual Monitor Setup is something different here. the option will be related to your only and when you have connected more than one monitor through Lenovo’s docking assistance.

Method-II: Lenovo Thinkpad Docking Station Dual Monitor Setup using other connections Port

Through this second display projection method for Lenovo Thinkpad Docking Station Dual Monitor Setup, you will be able to set up and use multiple monitors in windows. For that first, you need to look that which of the following port is available on your laptop computer.

Step-1: Check the available video port

  1. HDMI: which stands for high definition multiple interface port is widely used to transfer uncompressed audio and video. It’s the most preferred latest technology solution to link two media transferring devices. All computers or workstations of portable machines have an HDMI port.
  2. Display Port: this is a kind of high-end digital media interface. It is commonly used to connect high-end video source devices such as home theaters. It is being considered the most desired solution to send high bandwidth audio and video signals.
  3. DVI: Digital Visual interface was the updated version of the VGA port. There was a time when almost every PC comes with a setup of DVI port.
  4. ThunderBolt: It’s a better alternative to all aforementioned media transferring ports. Basically, it’s an outside display connector that can be functioned with the independent power source.
  5. VGA: It’s an old name in video and audio ports which is possessed by almost all types of computers. HDMI is its latest form. Many desktop computers still use the 15-pin VGA to connect the CPU with the monitor.

In a generic comparison, the ThunderBolt Port and HDMI are the most reliable options for Lenovo Thinkpad Docking Station Dual Monitor Setup.

Step-2: Checking Video Card Settings

Check the settings of your video card and make sure that it supports a multi-screen display simultaneously. Now again press the open display settings by pressing the Window+P button. Again go to the multiple Display where you will see a listing of the primary and secondary displays.

Moving to the next screen you will notice display adopter properties. Here you will have to select the total no of external display monitors that are plugged in. In case of multiple display monitors, your Graphic Card will automatically start projecting the Lenovo Thinkpad display on dual external monitors without a docking station using the wired connection.

Step-3: Check for Graphic Card Support (if required)

If you are in a situation where clarity is required either then your graphic card supports the external display monitors or not, then you must search the model and make of your graphic card on Google. Simply go to the Start Menu > Display Manager > Open Display Manager to further explore it.

Can ThinkPad Support two Monitors?

Yes, the Lenovo Thinkpad support two monitors, you can use one external monitor and the other as your actual laptop display using the duplicate display option. Moreover, you can also connect two external monitors using the type-c docking station and HDMI cable.

How Many Compute Can I Connect to my Thinkpad?

Well, this straightaway depends on the specification. You can easily connect 04 external monitors using ThunderBolt or HDMI ports. Again the capacity and dependency of the Docking Station will be the concern here.

Concluding the Discussion:

I think this information and step-by-step guide would have enabled you to set up a dual monitor display using Lenovo Docking Station and an alternative to it. If you face any issues, just consult the Lenovo Docking Station on their official website and watch a simple video to complete the setup properly. Lenovo Thinkpad docking station dual monitor setup is recommended because of its reliable connection and excellent experience every time.

Video Help:

For more information watch this video.

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