Modem Connected But No Internet [10 Solution Included]

Modem is connected but no internet? Showing no internet access notification on your screen? Here is what to do and how to solve it easily.

The internet is superb until it is connected and working fine. But nothing is more frustrating when it comes to internet problems. There are two major problems with the internet. Either your laptop or mobile will show no internet connectivity or it will show the modem is connected but no internet.

You are more likely to see the message “Wifi does not have access to the internet”. It means that your home or offices devices are connected to the internet router or modem but the modem is not further connected to the internet. Ultimately you won’t have internet access to broadcast things globally.

Modem Connected But No Internet

Modem Connected But No Internet – Detailed Guide

When you are working from home or using your computer for watching movies and getting updated with social media. You may face the problem of not having internet while the modem is properly connected. There are a few reasons for that, so let’s explore them and find their solution once by one.

Before testing anything, verify this internet issue by using different devices. If the internet is working fine on other devices then the issue is with some particular device. Your home network is ok. Otherwise, the following could be the possible reasons;

10 solutions to Troubleshooting Modem Connected but no internet issue

Here is the list of all possible solutions that may cause no internet access error messages on your computer and all other home devices. So let’s troubleshoot them.

  1. Reboot the modem
  2. Check whether the ISP (Internet Service Provider) is down
  3. Check permission and router settings
  4. Try using Network Reset
  5. Window network troubleshooter
  6. Fast Startup Disable
  7. DNS – Domain Name System Flush
  8. Updating Network adapters and Drivers
  9. Uninstalling the problematic applications
  10. Tuning off 5 GHz bandwidth

Let’s dive into the detailed explanation of these methods

1. Reboot the modem

Haven’t tried yet turning your modem OFF & ON? This could solve your problem. Sometimes the internet does not work on your devices due to a glitch in the modem. Rebooting the modem can fix it. It is the best and best solution that works within a couple of minutes.

In case you care about using both modem and wifi router, then reboot both of them. It is simple, just cut the power supply and wait for 2-3 minutes. After it plugs in the power and your device will start working. It’s a quick and easy hack for you if you are looking for a solution to “Modem connected but no internet” at your home.

2. Check whether the ISP (Internet Service Provider) is down

If all your devices are with no internet access message, then there might be an issue with your internet service provider. He might be an outage of intent service. So before applying any trick it is important to check whether the internet service provider is down or not.

Checking the lights indicators on your modem and router device is a good idea. It can save your time too. If everything seems fine on your end, simply take out your mobile phone and make calls to your internet provider in the area. He will fix it for you.

In Australia, the internet service goes out sometimes due to maintenance work, construction work in your area, or due to bad weather conditions. So keep the natural reasons in mind all the time.

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3. Check permission and router settings

Next up, you need to check the settings of your router and ensure that all permission is correct. If you are consistently viewing no internet message but your router and inter-service are ok. Then it is obvious that the problem is with router settings.

All home and office network modem/routers have MAC (Media Access Control) features that are used to grant access and block a few devices based on their Mac address. The permissions here must be approved to get network access to all connected devices.

You can verify and update them by following the below-mentioned steps;

  1. Run command prompt by pressing the Window key and then typing cmd in the search bar
  2. Right-click the Command prompt icon and run it as Administrator
  3. Now type “ipconfig” command in the black screen interface opened after clicking the command prompt
  4. The result will come up with your default IP address, copy it. (the IP address will look like 192.168.xx.xx)
  5. Now, open your inter browser and paste the copied IP address in its search bar, you will be viewing the router management console settings
  6. To further access the feature, you would have to enter your user name and password. These login credentials are different for different routers. You can also view them by tuning the router back. Mostly they are written at the backside by the company. If it is not them try entering “Admin” for both input fields.
  7. Now look for the MAC Address filtering. Check and verify that it is not filtering any rule to access the internet. The setting is Disable is a simple way to deal with it.

We are pretty much sure that by following the above-mentioned steps the modem connected but no internet problem would have been solved. if not move ahead,

4. Try using Network Reset

After applying all three aforementioned methods, if you still face the no internet issue even when the modem is connected. The only way remains is to reset your network. To do so;

  • Go to Settings on your laptop or computer
  • Select the option for network and internet
  • Look for the Status option in your left menu bar
  • Now look for the option “network troubleshooter
  • The option of network reset will now be visible on your laptop screen

Simply click the reset network and all done.

5. Window network troubleshooter

The modem is connected but no internet issue can be fixed using the windows network troubleshooter.

Follow the below mention order to access the troubleshooter;

Settings > network & internet > Status > Network troubleshooter

Simply run it and windows will take it few minutes to identify the problem and its possible solution.

6. Fast Startup Disable

Using the fast step option to quickly turn on the system sometimes interferes with the network settings, particularly the internet access. So, if you are using the fast startup for your laptop then disable it and try accessing the internet.

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7. DNS – Domain Name System Flush

The glitch in corrupted or mismatched DNS is very common. If you are a developer and use your machine for different levels of testing then you might face the DNS controlling your internet and you might be seeing the no internet message ultimately.

Flushing the DNS settings is a possible solution. You can flush the DNS settings by executing the below-mentioned sequence of commands in the command prompt.

  1. ipconfig /flushdns
  2. ipconfig /release
  3. ipconfig /renew

8. Updating Network adapters and Drivers

Windows sends regularly operating system software updates to its users. If you are only allowing and updating the operating system but not updating the hardware and network drivers, then this could be the reason for your modem being connected but with no internet issue.

To fix it simply check for the drives update and apply them. They are usually free of cost. The outdated drives may cause trouble in communication between your hardware component and the internet. To update network and intent drives on your laptop or Desktop PC, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Search for Device Manager on your computer and click on the result to get into it.
  • Look for Network Adopter in the shown list
  • Further to it, locate your network adopter and right-click it to open its menu (refer to the attached image)
  • Select the Update Driver.

The solution work for 99% of computers. If it fails to update your laptop drivers then you will be updating them manually.

9. Uninstalling the problematic applications

Uninstalling the unwanted application that is sometimes a by-product of something you’re your download from the open-source on the internet can fix the Wi-Fi connection but no internet issue. Furthermore, temporarily disabling the firewall and antivirus is another approach that can work for you.

The sincere workstation application and firewall can block your internet access on your computer. Resulting in no internet access message. The issue is most common when you are using any third-party antivirus software.

10. Tuning off 5 GHz bandwidth

Before going further, keep in mind we are talking here about 5 GHz with is totally different from the 5G technology. 5 GHz is the frequency of your router. It is the frequency that determines the speed of your internet router within its coverage area. The 5GHz speed is faster as compared to the 2.4 GHz which is commonly used by all ordinary routers.

Sometimes the fast speed of the internet may affect the connectivity on your device. It is therefore you can set its options so that your device can automatically switch to a 2.4 GHz frequency when needed.

Other Solutions for “Modem connected but not internet” Problem

Besides, our top 10 best-recommenced fixes for modem connected but no internet problem, we have few more methods that can work for you. So here is the complete list of solutions if your internet connection is not working properly.

Connect with an Ethernet cable

Connecting the Ethernet cable with your laptop, Desktop and TV can solve your problem. But this is not the permanent solution to adopt. Through internet cable and Ethernet cable, you will only get access to the internet on devices that are connected through the wire. You cannot use that internet over a wireless network.

Try using a different device

Try using a different device. Sometimes a particular devices stop broadcasting the internet due to a malfunction in its internal hardware component. Try using a different device. If the internet is working fine then there is an issue with your device. Yes, your home internet is working well.

Check your wires and cables

There might be some damage to the internet cable and this is ultimately resulting in no internet while the modem is connected. The damaged cable will not connect your local private home network to the global world. So if you found damage on your internet cable then replacement is the only option left.

Reposition your router

The router must be placed in the middle of your home. This is necessary for proper coverage to every corner of your home. Many time you are receives weak singles on your devices with no internet. It is due to the more distance from the internet access point. The more the signals travel, they lose their strength and the ultimate result occurs modem connected with not internet.


Cutting the long story short, we have listed all possible fixes for modem connected but no internet problem that can easily be used by a common man. They didn’t include the usage of any third-party electronic gadgets or anything that can cost you. Just a bit of wisdom is only required.

If no internet message still appears on your screen, contact any nearby IT technician. He will troubleshoot the problem area.

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