My TV Says No Signal But Everything Is Plugged In

If your TV says no signal but everything is plugged in then done worry you are not alone. Hundreds of Australians are asking the same question as they face the issue of no signals on their digital TV. It’s a common issue that may occur due to a faulty antenna, faulty cable, or any fault in the media source which is connected to your TV.

My TV Says No Signal But Everything Is Plugged In

My TV Says No Signal But Everything Is Plugged In

Moreover, there are many other reasons that can trigger no single issue on your TV. These issues are not permanent, they can be easily solved by trying some quick and easy DO IT YOURSELF tricks.

What to do when my TV says no signal but everything is plugged in

Here in this article, we have included all possible solutions to solve the no signal issue on your digital home TV, exclusively. So what are you waiting for, just scroll down and navigate to the solution sections of this article?

If your TV says no signal but everything is plugged in then apply these quick solutions before going deep into it. This might solve your problem.

  • Check and verify that the input media source is plugged in properly
  • Check and verify that the connection cables are not faulty
  • Switch the ends of the connection cable. Interchanging them to opposite directions may also solve your problem

Checking the input media source

Media source is one of the most important things for your TV to broadcast different channels and their transmission to you. The media source could be of any type. It could be a TV antenna, Cable box, gaming console, Stick TV (Fire Stick), Internet, satellite box, etc.

Once the TV source is ensured, now you have to select the right media source that is connected at the back of your TV. You have to option to change and switch between the input option connected to your TV using your TV remote controller buttons.

You can change the TV media source by doing the following;

Move your television source to AV > TV > Digital TV > DTV > Select Source

The source will be the point of connection through which external media is connected to the TV. For example, you can select HDMI 1, HDMI 2, VGA, Cable, etc. once the source is selected then wait a while to enable TV to appear singles that are being fed by the source using the right input.

Specifically, when a TV antenna or Dish to satellite signals is connected with the TV. Then move the direction of your antenna and dish until the singles appear.

It’s the most recommend trick this works for all. But if my TV says no signal but everything is plugged in issue persists then apply the next provided tricks.

Check for Damages for Source

The rust, erosion, obstruction, wrong direction of antenna or dish is another source of no signal issue. These are barriers in the path of signals and ultimately they won’t appear on your TV. This is the reason, you must check the source for any damages.

The antenna or satellite dish is the receptor of signals. If an electromagnetic device is placed close to them can affect the reception of the signals. As a result, your tv would not show any channel on it and you will see no signal message on the screen.

The rusted, damaged, or broken antenna is useless. They won’t pass a signal to your TV and hence their purpose would die somewhere. Antenna and dish are usually placed on the rooftop where they are exposed to the heat, cold, rain, etc. it is therefore their chances to get damage increase. Inspection of this single-source after a certain period is necessary. This will help in the identification of the damaged area and its timely replacement.

Carefully look at the Cable & Connection Port

Still, facing the no singles issue in your time? Don’t worry, we have another solution. Now, look for the connection cable that is connected between the TV and source i.e. Antenna, Dish, Box, etc. the cable has a certain life span, they start twisting after a few times and get wrecked internally in case of a short circuit.

Do also look for the right connection to the right port. Maybe the connection is plugged incorrectly. You must check that the port is in fine condition. This is another reason for no signals on your TV. So check them and clean them if you see any dust or other particle that can cause distortion in connection.

Signal strength or outage of service

All TVs on a show that is being connected at their back. They do not produce pictures or videos by themselves. It is therefore, the broadcasting service provider should not be out of service. The weather especially, rain and thunderstorm affect the transmission through antenna and satellite. So be prepared for that situation when the hard weather pass.

Being unlucky, if you get yourself into a condition like this, what you should do? You just need to call your service to provide and tell him the issue you are facing. They will engage their resource to settle the things back.

Weak signals is another open end for the under discussion subject. You can also complain the same to your provider. But if your digital smart TV is connected to the internet and you are facing the problem of the weak single. Then you have to restart your wifi modem and this will fix the issue to some percentages.

Reset the TV and Box    

Last but not the least, you need to reset the Television and cable box.

Resetting a TV is very simple and easy. Just OFF the TV suing removes and cuts the power supply for two minutes. Now turn it ON again. That is it. Your TV would have erased all settings and is taking a new startup.

The same is the case when resting the Cable box. Take it off from the wall, unplug all cables and disconnect the power cable for 3-5 minutes.

We very much hope that this time you would have solved my TV says no signal but everything is plugged in problem.

Check if the no signal is only for a few channels

Try switching to a few other channels and evaluate if the no singles issue is only for few channels or for all list steam on TV. Sometimes the issue only lies for a specific station. In that case, you didn’t need to worry. This is not a fault on your side. It is the fault of your service provider and they usually fix it quickly.

What is a no signal Problem – Deep Insight?

Cutting the long story short, the no signal means your cable or satellite TV service is unable to show any movie/drama/serial, etc. on your digital TV. An intimation message that either contains “No Signal” or a static blue of black screen.

This could be because of your service provider or some kind of hardware fault such as cable fault, antenna fault, etc. The complete guide to these problems and their possible solution is discussed above.

Possible Reason for my TV says no signal but everything is plugged in

Why your TV shows no signal notification when everything is plugged in? The owners automatically start thinking this problem is associated with their TV. It has multiple reasons. Some of them are listed here below;

  1. The source is incorrect or has some technical issues that are causing the no signal exchange. For example, if your TV cable set is plugged into input no 1 and you have a current selection of input 2 then there would be no picture/video on your TV screen other than “no signals”.
  2. There might be a problem with your Cable, Antenna, TV Ports. Problem with any of them will result in no signal.
  3. Overloaded Satellite and cable Boxes could also cause the no signal error. The Cable box and satellite box only have very little memory to store some necessary information. When it gets full they become overloaded. The overloaded Box does not function properly.
  4. Bad weather conditions including heavy rain and thunderstorm are some of the known causes to disconnect the TV service.

Conclusion of the Article:

We have tried to list all available information regarding “my TV says no signal but everything is plugged in”. You would have noticed that no technical expertise is needed to fix this issue. It’s a kind of DIY job. So first try to figure out things at your level and then route them to your service provider.

The information guide to get back signals on your TV screen has told you are the secrets. If you have any other tip or trick to solve the same issue you can mention it in the comments we would try to include it in the article.

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