Should Data Roaming Be ON or OFF [Detailed Guide]

Data roaming keeps internet access on your mobile phone when you are far from your service provider’s coverage. Especially when you are traveling abroad. The main question here is should data roaming be ON or OFF?”  So let’s find the answer in this article below;

If you want to keep yourself safe from a heavy amount of cellular bills then the Data roaming should always be turned OFF.

Should Data Roaming Be ON or OFF

All professionals also recommend keeping Mobile Data or Data Roaming off whenever you travel abroad. Turning the data roaming off does not mean that you can access the internet. You can still check your email and share photos, and videos over Wi-Fi.

Should data roaming be on or off – Detailed Guide

Yes, data roaming should be off. Although it’s a beneficial service, it cost you more than your expectations. When you use mobile data also called data roaming while traveling abroad or in an area where your cellular data service provides is not available, you can access the internet but it will be more pricy.

The roaming occurs whenever your phone disconnects from your original network and connects to another network. This change occurs when you travel abroad. You can make calls, text, and use the internet outside your country’s boundaries. But it is costly.

You will be charged to access the internet by the normal service provides and another provider available in abroad too. This would be more costly. It is, therefore, all experts’ advice to turn data roaming off when abroad.

Turning off data roaming is easy. Different mobiles have different interfaces. However, on iPhone, you can turn off data roaming by going into settings then selecting general, and then network. Here you will see an option to turn data roaming on and off.

Why data roaming should be OFF?

Cost is the only reason that data roaming should be turned off. Data roaming the accessing internet abroad by other mobile network providers. As your actual mobile network would not be available in other countries that is why you will be charged extra.

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How much does data roaming cost?

Well, this is totally dependent on the charges offered by your mobile network. You will be charged double when roaming data. From your original network caries and from the other network in abroad too. This is because your network carriers would have signed an agreement with them.

The data roaming cost is not fixed but it is also a break-up for different service levels. For example;

  • $0.10 for a text message with a standard characters limit
  • $0.25 per minute for a local call
  • $-2-$5 per MB for using the internet

In addition to this, you might see a $10,000 – $13,000 data roaming fee without notice. The above rates are tentative they might add up with usage or might change with your location.

What is the difference between cellular data and data roaming?

The mobile data is internet access using mobile signals i.e. 4G/5G etc. while the data roaming is termed for the use of the internet being used on your mobile phone when you are away from your home network. In simple words, when you are using your mobile data outside your registered territory then you are roaming data.

How to make sure that the data roaming is off on your mobile phone?

The data roaming should always be turned off. Turning off data roaming is just a click away. Once it is turned off. You need to make sure that your phone des not secretly using your data. Visit the following steps to make sure;

How to turn data roaming off on iPhone

It’s easy if you do the following.

  • Go to settings
  • Tap cellular option having a mobile tower signals icon with them
  • Head to cellular data options
  • You will Data Roaming option
  • Make sure it is not green. If the button is turned green then your data roaming is off otherwise it is off.

How to turn data roaming off on Android

Turning the data roaming off on android is also simple. You can do it by copying the following on your android phone.

  • Click/Tap the setting icon on your mobile screen
  • Now go to Connections
  • Look for the mobile data option and tap on it
  • Now toggle to turn data roaming access off if it is already on

Important note:

The data roaming does not occur for prepaid connections. Where you can only use mobile network service when having a pre-paid balance in your network account. It means that all connections with postpaid billing after every month are the ones who effect by the data roaming.

Frequently asked questions regarding should data roaming be ON or OFF

We have a wide collection of all frequently asked questions. Once go through them and I am sure then short nuggets of useful information would increase your knowledge reading the subject article.

What is data roaming in Australia?

Data roaming is something that you can use on your smartphone for the internet, calls, messages, etc. without changing the network. This will use your home network and hop to the available network. In Australia, the actual definition of data roaming is the same and it remains the same across the world.

Do I need data roaming in Australia?

Australia is one of the most desired tourist destinations in the world. It is also a go around the world destination with some exciting surprises for their values visitors. So, in Australia, if you use data up to 12 GB you won’t be charged. This will provide you with a credit add-on allowance.

What will happen if a turn data roaming off?

You won’t able to use an internet connection, make calls, and send text messages to anyone if your mobile data is turned off. Data roaming is the service that can keep you connected with the world when you are abroad using your home mobile network.

Turning off cellular data stop roaming charges?

Yes, turning off the cellular data stop roaming charges. You are strongly advised to ensure that your mobile data is turned off before getting off the plane. The data off means roaming off and you will be ultimately not charged.

Does data roaming use more data?

Data is accessed by the internet and mobile apps are the same across the world and across the networks. It is the charges that are the main concern. The roaming data use is more costly and charged heavily. There is a significant price difference between in-home network data and roaming data abroad.

Should data roaming be on or off Australia?

Data roaming must always be turned off until or unless you are needing it badly. No matter whether you are in Australia, UK USA, or anywhere in the world it is recommended to turn the data roaming off. This will save you plenty of money. In Australia, there are a lot of free Wi-Fi spots. You can use one of them.


Cutting the long story short, the data roaming is an excellent service yet very much expensive. It is therefore you must look for a data roaming alternative whenever you go around. However, you can use it if you have a lot of money.

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