Why do my Airpods keep cutting out?

Why do my Airpods keep cutting out

If the sound from your Airpods keeps distorting or cutting this could be for multiple reasons. Let’s explore them and find the answer to Why do my Airpods keep cutting out?

What are AirPods?

AirPods by Apple are smart audio gadgets that are used with your iPhone and iPad. They are Bluetooth-enabled ear fixing implements that can also be used with the computer laptop.

Causes of Airpods keep cutting out

Cutting or distorting voice is a typical problem that you face in AirPods Pro and 2nd generation AirPods. To find out all possible reasons for your Airdpods keep cutting out, go through the information provided below. After this article you would be able to answer the following areas;

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Auto-switching off Bluetooth:

Bluetooth is a radio wave-based short-range wireless technology. You can easily connect with nearby laptops, computers, smartphones, headphones, AirPods, Gaming consoles, and other smart devices.

Bluetooth is not reliable in many cases. For example, if your device is lacking in Bluetooth scanning you will face voice cutting issues. Sometimes it is because of your application permission settings.

Battery Power (Most Typical reason):

Low battery power or malfunction of battery is another most typical reason that your Airpods keep cutting out. Usually, the battery problem completely cuts out the connection with Airpods. But in many cases is caused by falsification of audio too.

Huge Different in Bluetooth Connection:

All devices running the latest version of Bluetooth can connect to the previous versions. However, the major version/generation difference is another minor reason for cutting voice. The does not feel reliable to connect without dated technology which is why the end-user ultimately faces the cutting voice.

Bluetooth interface:

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi both work on the same frequency which is 2 GHz. So, in this situation, the Airpod will be discontinued also cutting your music. In continuation to it, Apple has resolved this issue in its latest version. It means you will not face it if you are using any of Apple’s latest devices.

More Distance from the Source:

If you are using Air pods that are at a significant distance from your iPhone. Then you may likely face a cutting voice. The distance and reliable connection are directly proportional to each other. So, for better voice quality keep the air pods and iPhone closer. So that the wireless data wouldn’t have to travel more.

How to fix AirPods Keep Cutting Out?

Freaking for what to do when your Airpods keep cutting out music? Follow the instructions;

Keep your iPhone and Airpods together:

Keeping the source device such as iPhone or iPad at a short distance from your Airpods can improve voice quality. The distance of about 30 feet is enough which allows you to move easily around without losing connection.

Adjusting Audio Settings:

Adjusting the audio settings as required by the Airpods can also improve the air quality over a reliable connection. Do also make sure that the Airpods are selected as your audio device. You can do so by following these steps:

  • Tap the AirPlay icon available under the music name which is currently playing
  • Now, select the AirPods from the listed option.

Make sure that the Airpods are selected for other than music services such as when you are making a call. You can select Airpods while calling by touching the icon on the screen as Air pods are placed in your ear. A speaker icon will also be there to switch back to phone audio.

Re-establishing the connection:

Re-connecting the Airpods with your phone can also fix your audio cutting issue.     Sometimes, it happens if your gadgets disconnected a couple of minutes ago it has a chance of pairing with some other device. Airpods and Airpods Max, whatever you are using, place them back in their casing and give them a little time to settle. Then connect again, and you will get your problem solved.

Forgetting and repairing the Airpods is another alternative solution that can be adopted.

Auto-detection deactivation:

Auto-detection mode searches for all available devices for connection when placed inside the ear. It’s a useful feature when you use Airpods for a longer time only on a single side of the ear. As it will discontinue the audio when you twist right or left Airpods. Disabling Automatic ear detection can be useful.

A user can disable the auto-detection feature by clicking the info icon that appears next to the Airpods. Then go to Bluetooth and then tap the disable auto ear detection option.

Proper Cleaning of AirPods:

Being used in the human ear, the AirPods get a lot of dust and ear wax in many cases. Dust blocks the voice or decreases its level significantly. Dust removal and proper cleaning are a careful jobs. You should avoid damaging & scratching the element.


Malfunctioning of electronic contraptions occurs when you pay no care to them. With a little information and proper handling you can not only save your money but can also extend the life of a particular gadget. The same is the case with Airpods. Use them with care and they won’t get you in trouble.

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