Why Does My HP Laptop Keep Freezing?

Why Does My HP Laptop Keep Freezing

Why does my HP laptop keep freezing or lagging? It’s a common issue in HP laptops faced by most computer users. Especially for those running heavy background processes with low hardware specifications. There are a few things that you must check to find out what are the core reasons for “why does my HP laptop keep freezing” and their possible solution. So let’s start;

Reasons: Why does my HP laptop keep freezing or not responding?

Upon freezing a laptop, it seems that all your work progress is lost until or unless the laptop restarts itself or starts responding automatically. Halting your HP working machine could be for many reasons, some of them along with the solution are mentioned here below;

  • Insufficient RAM Storage
  • Malware or Virus
  • More background process
  • Overheating
  • Low hardware specifications for heavy-duty work

Low Random Access Memory – RAM:

The performance of your laptop/desktop computer will be decreased when low RAM storage. With less RAM storage of process memory, the operations of your computer will be slow.  Hence, it will take more time to load one application into active memory for smooth operations.

This problem of the low RAM is most common and cause HP laptop to freeze. It will cause trouble for loading new programs when a heavy-duty program is already running in the background.

Virus/Malware Software:

Another most important reason that cause workstation to freeze periodically is malware programs or computer virus software applications. Besides freezing the computer, these programs also affect the speedy startup, and users have to wait more sometimes to view the welcome window.

There is a large variety of computer viruses that may enter your computer using email attachments, downloadable files, or through the internet (unsafe websites).

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More Background Process:

Running too many background processes is another reason for HP laptops to slow down or freeze for a certain time. Sometimes you don’t even know how many programs/processes are running in the context that ends up clogging your system enactment.

Overheating Laptop:

If your HP laptop is consistently overheating this could be alarming for your hardware health too. The overheating of a laptop machine could be the reason for running multiple apps, clogging in the area where the air is exhausted, malfunctioning cooling fan, or high room temperature.

Attaching any additional device such as an external CD/DVD device, flash drive, external speakers, or camera for a longer time also causes lagging/freezing backed to overheating.

Low Specs hardware for heavy-duty work:

Moreover, using low specification hardware for heavy work that may include graphics or processing of overloaded excel files may also cause your HP laptop to freeze for a certain time as data being processed is too high and supporting hardware capacity is low.

Possible Solutions for HP Laptop Keep Freezing 

Preventing “Why does my HP laptop keep freezing” or backing it up after lagging is possible only when following precautionary measures are taken.

Restart – Simplest & Best Solution:

Freezing a device means lagging its all running programs, in that case, all you need to do is to just “Restart” your computer and allow its operating system to diagnose the issue while cooling down all programs. It’s the most recommended and simplest solution for all your “why does my hp laptop keep freezing” related questions.

We usually apply this in our daily life, when our mobile is not working well we often restart it, and start working fine.

Antivirus or Malware Protector:

The antivirus software solutions and malware detectors will scan your computer thoroughly and remove all malfunctioning programs that are causing trouble for your laptop. Viruses are bugs that slow down your computer by harming the operating system files and preventing them to perform specific tasks.

You can use Windows Defender or any other software protection solution and setting it to auto-updates will improve your system speed.

Remove unnecessary Files (Temporary Files):

Removing the temporary files or unnecessary files will free up processing memory that will help computers to load applications more speedily.

One can remove temp files using the following steps;

  1. Go to window and type “Run”,
  2. Type “%temp%” in the “Run” and press ok
  3. A list of files will be displayed, you need to select all these files and delete them using the DEL

Once, all temporary files are deleted make sure to empty the recycle bin. Here is one important thing that you must know, all your important files and data are safe, and only system-generated temporary files are deleted.

Up-gradation of Hardware:

Up-gradation of existing hardware or replacement with the new better available option can improve overall system performance. Low RAM storage is the most common issue pertaining to freezing laptops, you must use a minimum of 4GB DDR RAM. The 4GB RAM is capable of handling enough heavy-duty work but for more load, you would be needing more memory.

Replacing your conventional hard disk drive HDD with SSD is another option. SSD is a new technology that comes in the latest version of laptops. So, updating hardware or replacing the minimum specs with recommended ones could be one solution to get your HP laptop ready for work.

Operating System Updates:

Updating your operating system such as Windows updates the system security, virus protection Database, and optimizing the system performance. This will eliminate malware threats too.

Enabling auto-updates will update system drivers and other operating system software by reducing a lot of performance issues like freezing, going to sleep for a longer time, taking more startup time, etc.

Re-Format or Complete Cleanup:

Last but not least solution for freezing the HP laptop is running a complete system scan. Running a complete disk cleanup will remove all cache files and temporary files that may cause freezing. Cache files are a collective reason that your PC stop working effectively and gets you in the system frozen/halt pain.

HDD Defragmentation:

Recognizing the separate segments on the hard drive, physically organizing the storage containers, and defining segments for quick access is called defragmentation. Defragmenting your HDD will help the system quickly access a specific segment without searching for it elsewhere.

Defragmentation of a laptop/desktop computer can be done using the following steps;

  1. Click on the window menu available on the left bottom of your screen
  2. Search “accessories” and click on it
  3. Now click on “System section Tool
  4. An option of “Disk Defragmenter” will be displayed, you need to click on it to defragment.

The defragmentation would take a few minutes to complete. The processing time will be reduced with frequent defragmentation. Hopefully, this will solve your problem of freezing your HP laptop.


In reference to all aforementioned reasons and solutions for “Why does my HP laptop keep freezing”. I am pretty much sure that the listed information will help you to eliminate the freezing issue. If the issue still persists, then you must consult with a hardware repairing expert, or sending feedback to the company via email could prove fruitful.

Why does my HP laptop keep freezing ends here? We will be back with another piece of information for you.

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