No Caller ID How To Find Out Who Called [5 Best Ways]

Don’t know who is calling you? Getting a call with an ID mask? Here are the solutions. In today’s article, we are going to discuss the No caller id how to find out who called, and tell you the best and easy ways to find out who is calling you with “No Caller ID” on your cell phone and landline.

Zillions of Australians are struggling with scam calls and unwanted marketing offers on daily basis. The telemarketers and fraudulent companies are a complete end-to-end trail of scams and can prove a real threat if using no caller Id mask when calling people.

So, today’s guide rounds around the No caller id how to find out who called, and how to report them.

No Caller ID How To Find Out Who Called

Identifying “No caller ID” how to find out who called – Detailed Guide

The scan and fake calls are more common in Australia. You cannot block them because they come with an unknown no mask. Yet, there is a possibility that the no caller id call may be important for you. Might be you are being called from your new job recruitment office etc.

Happily, we have the solution to find out who is calling you with the no caller id or unknown number. Finding out who calls you also allows you to block them by putting the no ID into the block list. So you won’t get the call again. So let’s explore the easy methods to find out who called you with no caller ID.

05 Best Ways To Find Out “No caller ID”

The best and easy methods to find no caller ID and also to find out who called you are provided as follows:

  • By dialing *57
  • By dialing *69
  • Contacting the Phone Company
  • Using caller ID tools
  • Using TrapCall App

Immediately dial *57 after the call

In case you got a call from a private no, or you missed attending the call with no caller ID. Immediately dial *57 from your phone. This code will initiate a request to your connection service provider to trace and track the call. For confirmation, you will hear a beep that will indicate that your request has been received.

Based on that, your call agent from the service provider can provide you with the required information. The blocking of no with an ID mask is also possible. The Star 59 is a malicious caller identification service that is provided by all cellular companies.

Generally, when you dial *59 on your mobile phone, it traces your last call to prevent you from threatening calls problem. Most of the companies in Australia prove this service free to their end-user customer. However, few terms and conditions apply.

Dialing Star 69 to Find Caller ID

The Start 69 works in the same way as star 57 works. Whenever you got a call from the no caller ID, you need to dial start 69 immediately and this will bring you the caller no of your last call. Dialing this shortcode can not only be used for phone numbers of all anonymous calls but can also reveal the caller ID of masked numbers and hidden numbers too. You will get the exact time of calling in addition.

The *69 also gives you the option of calling back. So you can easily find it out whether the caller is spam or you are having a real call that is valuable for you.

Contacting the Phone Company

If dialing the shortcodes does not fix your problem then calling your call service provider is another way that can be followed. Most companies provide anonymous caller ID services and they also keep a record of all calls made on your contact number. So through this service, you can find out no caller ID calls.

The question is how does it work? Do you need to call the customer helpline every time you receive a call with no ID? The answer is No. you just need to activate the anonymous caller ID service once and then dial *57 right after the call to reveal its ID.

Using caller ID tools

The caller ID tools and spam prevention devices are available on market. You need to attach it with your landline and they will prevent you from spam calls. There are thousands of call IDs available on the device that are marked as Spam and your device will automatically block them.

So using these kinds of tools/devices to stop spam calls is excellent. You cannot afford to use freely available android applications that are made to reveal the caller’s information but do nothing actually.

Using TrapCall App

Tap call is a famous application to find out who called you with no caller ID. The application is considered the most reliable option to unmask any caller ID. The TapCall provides some of the most desired features, a few of them are mentioned below:

Key features of the TapCall App:

  • Provides you the facility to unmask any phone number that called you
  • You can turn it on to view the caller’s picture, address, name, and other information
  • Automatically managed block list
  • You just need to tell the application that these numbers are blocked. Next time a blocked number will call you it will hear a message note that the number he is dialing is no more in service or disconnected.
  • You can record calls

This application is not free. You have to buy its subscription to get all the above-mentioned features. However, the application is available for both Android and iPhone users.

Contact the local Authorities

If you have received a general spam call that someone is selling a product are not interested in. then contacting the local authorities is not worth going. Else way, if you receive a threat call with no caller Id, then you must contact your local authorities which also includes the local Police Station.

Keeping the call tracking, time and recoding will be a plus for quick tracing of the danger.

Frequently Asked Question – No Caller ID How to Find out Who Called

These frequently asked questions regarding no caller ID will further expedite the process of your understanding of the subject.

Is taking note of call time and date important?

Yes, you must note the exact time and date of the spam call or threatening call. This will be helpful in the investigation. The local authorities will easily manage to trace it using the time and date.

The phone companies are getting millions of call logs daily. It is, therefore, that the call with known tome and date will be easier to trace.

How to Find Caller ID on a landline?

There are many caller identification tools that can be used with your landline connection. What do they actually do? These tools are fed with millions of contacts that are marked as spam. When any of the spam-marked caller ID or Id with mask will call you. These tools will automatically restrict them.

Hence, the scammer will not reach you. If you want to buy any of these tools then Amazon and Google is the best place that will also provide you with their unbiased review. Another way around, many telecom stores in Australia also offer these tools.

Should you identify the caller with no ID?

Identifying the caller ID is sometimes good. But mostly it will waste your time. Most of the spam calls are Robocalls that are related to a promotion, sale, or product advertisement. Mostly the hidden numbers are used for harassment, spam, etc. It is therefore you should ignore them.

If some cases, suppose you are waiting for a job interview call then answering the no ID calls may prevent you from missing your important call.

Can Operator tell me who the unknown caller is?

No, the telephone operator or service provider cannot tell this information. This will be a violation of the customer privacy policy. They also do not tract as they are getting a huge volume of calls daily.


Identifying the No Caller ID or who called you with an ID mask is not a big deal. You can do it in many ways, by dialing the codes, using mobile apps, etc. once the number is forced to show on your mobile screen you can report it, block it and present it where needed.

Well, we very much hope that you will be able to reveal the ID who called you. There are still many other ways that might not be mentioned here. Choose whatever suits you. So keep blocking the spam number and have a safe calling.

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