Serial Number of HP Laptop

Serial Number of HP Laptop

Need to find out the Serial Number of HP Laptop? you have landed in the absolute right place.

The Serial Number of HP Laptop is located on the underside of the laptop, you’ll locate your serial number. If you can’t locate it physically, you can open HP System Information by pressing Fn + Esc. The serial number can be seen at the bottom of that screen.

What Is a Serial Number?

The serial number in the HP device is a series of digits and letters that uniquely identifies it. Many laptops, such as the HP Envy, can have product numbers or model numbers that are similar to other laptops taken at the same time, but a serial number is individual with each laptop. In the example, the serial number can be located at the side or back of your computer. Despite their name, serial numbers generally involve letters and numbers.

Serial Number of HP Laptop

The number of characters in a serial number varies considerably depending on the manufacturer, product, and model. The majority of serial numbers have at least six or seven characters, with some having as much as twenty.

Procedure for reading my HP serial number

  • To access a System Information window, enter the following key combination: Laptops: Enter Fn + Esc on the built-in keyboard.
  • In the new window that appears, look for the serial number.
  • Look for and enter Command Prompt in Windows.
  • Type wmic bios acquire serial number into the command prompt window, then click Enter.

How Old Is My HP Laptop By Serial Number?

You should use the serial number to determine the age of your laptop even after the warranty has expired. A series of letters as well as digits make up the serial number. The fourth, fifth, and sixth digits in the serial number can also be used to establish the manufactured date of your laptop. The fourth digit shows the year’s final date, while the next two digits represent the week. A laptop developed during the 50th week of the year 2020 would be identified by the string of numerals 050.

 Figure out what model my HP laptop is based on the serial number

You can locate the model on the HP support website by entering the serial number of your laptop. When you choose one of the ways above to look for your HP laptop’s serial number, you’ll generally find the product or model number alongside.

Best way to locate the serial number of a stolen HP laptop

If you are registered a stolen HP laptop with tracking software may be one of HP’s tracking and recovery services, you might find the serial number. The purchase receipt and original packing are two other ways to search.

Four ways to locate or learn about your HP laptop’s serial number¬†

It’s sometimes essential to know about your HP laptop’s specs, such as the serial number (S/N), product number, or even the warranty. However, you will learn four alternative approaches in this post to locate or know the HP laptop serial number. So we locate it in Windows 10. However, serial numbers are probably found on the item’s label, but they’re also found printed in the manual either on a piece of paper that came with it. They are usually alphanumeric or numeric, such as 0733297525 or A1S7C2F4.

So, here are four different ways to find out what your laptop’s serial number is.

Method 1: Through HP Support Assistant, locate your HP S/N.

The HP Support Assistant is the simplest method to obtain information regarding your HP laptop. This essential software contains information about your HP laptops such as Warranty check, Product name, Battery health, Serial number, Product number, updates, and fixes, and automated support, much more. So here is how to use HP Support Assistant to look up the serial number of your HP laptop:

  • HP Support Assistant can be downloaded and installed.
  • Launch the app when it has been installed.
  • Assure that the My Device tab is turned on. Your HP laptop’s Product name, Serial number, and Product number may all be found here.

Method 2: Using Command Prompt, check the serial number of your HP printer (WMIC).

It is by far the simplest technique for determining the serial number of your HP laptop or any other laptop. Simply type a command in Command Prompt to get started (CMD). Here’s how you do it:

  • To proceed, open a Command Prompt window. As in the search field next to the Start Menu button, enter Command Prompt.
  • Type the following command into the Command Prompt and click Enter: wmic bios to get the serial number.

Method 3: Search the HP Laptop S/N in Windows 10’s BIOS.

You might be able to access the HP serial number on the BIOS or UEFI firmware settings panel using the third technique. If you might not have a WMIC button, that technique won’t work because the order removes the serial number from the BIOS. However, if you won’t be signing up to run the WMIC command on Windows, examining the BIOS might be useful. Enter the BIOS or UEFI firmware settings page, and look for a “Serial Number” someplace on the system information panel. It is at a different location on different PCs, but it should be elsewhere on the “Main” or “System” screen. To Get BIOS in HP some are the following steps:

  • Restart or turn on the computer.
  • To access the BIOS settings menu, click the F10 key whereas the display is blank.
  • You may now verify the serial number of your HP laptop under the Main menu tab.

Method 4: Examine the HP serial number in the battery compartment or on the laptop’s underside.

The model number and serial number, as well as other critical information, are imprinted on the sticker on the underside of most HP laptops. On the bottom of the laptop, in the middle of the case, look for the white or silver label. Look for prefix “S/N”, “Serial” or “Serial Number” on the label. It is the way of finding the Serial Number underside of the Laptop.

Now check HP Laptop Serial Number under the Battery Compartment. When you have a laptop with such a removable battery, the serial numbers of the HP laptop may be simply found in Windows. Laptop serial numbers are found mainly on the bottom of the laptop or under the battery compartment.

Key Take:

The serial no of a laptop is its identity. the Serial Number of the hp Laptop can give a message of its model make. It also serif the specifications of the laptop to some extent. So, working in real life your may need to find your serial no for multiple reasons, that is why you can use either of the above mention methods to know the Serial Number of hp Laptop.

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