What Do Mobile Phone Cameras Look Like

Using a mobile phone while driving is one of the worst habits that can risk your life. To discourage it, the Australian Government has introduced the latest technology Ai based mobile phone detection camera on their roads. But, what do mobile phone cameras look like? Keep reading the article you will get your answers.

The time you spend looking at your mobile screen while driving is the time your eyes are off the road. This can put you in a serious accident. The survey shows, that more than 70% of people often use a mobile phone to read messages, take calls, check notifications,s or urgent calls.

In Australia and its territories, the Government has taken a few steps to regulate its traffic and minimize the use of mobile phones while driving. The legislation of increases fines amount, installation of mobile phone detection cameras, seat belt detection cameras are some of them.

What Do Mobile Phone Cameras Look Like?

The mobile phone detection camera being used in Australia are manufactured by a local company. This intervention came into operation at the end of the year 2019 on a trial basis and currently it is working with the transport authorities across Australia, especially in NSW – New South Wales.

What Do Mobile Phone Detection Cameras Look Like?

The NWS’s mobile phone detection camera does not look very much different from the speed detection camera or an ordinary surveillance camera of red light. But, it has a few major differences that stand it out as unique.

Unlike, the white red-light speed detection camera mounted over the head of a road, the mobile phone detection camera is the latest and new with a black glossy look. They look is sleek and modern both in terms of visuals and specifications. The actual camera is placed on either left or right side of a black rectangular box (shown in the picture).

What Do Mobile Phone Cameras Look Like

Where Are Mobile Detection Cameras Are Being Used, location?

The mobile phone camera is usually placed over the head. They can be usually seen on the tool pole, motorway navigational boards, road gentries, and on any road infrastructure. The cameras are powered by batteries using connected to the power supply and solar power in far furlong areas.

A camera is placed at the reason height so that it can get a clear view of the car cabin and an infrared flash can capture the view without reflection of the windscreen even at the speed of 300 km/h. thanks to the overhead position of the gadget that ensure the delivery of clear picture day and night minimizing the motion blur to zero.

The infrared flash captures the picture secretly without knowing the drive that it has been captured.

How mobile phone detection cameras are different than other road cameras?

The working and physical structure of the mobile phone detection camera is totally different from the other roadside camera. They use artificial intelligence solutions to identify the offense of phone usage while driving.

The mobile detection camera can detect the mobile phone if the driver is holding it or has placed it on his lap. The camera is so excellent that it can work in dense fog, rain, and all other bad weather conditions.

 How mobile phone detection camera works?

The AI solution is used by mobile detection cameras to capture the front seat of a vehicle-making offense. These cameras then ostensibly exclude the vehicle drive and highlight the mobile phone automatically. These captured images are then sent for human verification. After that, the offense ticket is generated and sent to the relent driver.

Are mentioned earlier, the mobile detection camera used infrared flash which silently captures the picture of the car without knowing it. Once the picture is captured, the Artificial intelligence system process it on a few use-cases that are already defined. If the offense is identified, it will send the case for human manual verification and after it, a penalty ticket will be dispatched.

The camera takes pictures of all vehicles passing through the road under it. If no mobile phone use is detected the picture will be deleted.

Why mobile phone detection camera needed?

Distracting driving and illegal use of mobile phones when driving is a very very difficult thing for the police to enforce and prosecute. The majority of police enforcement is conducted for the drives that are stationary and stopped at once.

The actual key solution is designed to detect drivers who are using a mobile phone at high speed and on any vehicle. There mobile phone detection and seat belt detection cameras were coming into work to provide tools for the authorities to discourage this dangerous behavior.

As the authorities are having good control over this behavior, a significant reduction in road accidents and injuries has been noticed that were caused by the drivers using mobile phones while driving.

What happens if the Mobile detection camera takes pictures?

This digital AI-based solution is being used in all three jurisdictions of Australia. They are Victoria, New South Wales – NSW, and Queensland. Once the camera takes a picture, it is processed by the AI system to check whether the mobile phone usage is detected or not. Once the offense is detected, the case will be forwarded to human verification.

The Australian Government claims that no offense is recorded in the system. Then the images typically get deleted by the system within one hour. Once the image is deleted it cannot be retired.

Are mobile phone cameras and seatbelt cameras are same?

Yes, the mobile phone and seat belt detection camera are the same. Actually, the camera is the same one which takes pictures. However, AI processing is based on different cases. Mobile phone and seatbelt detection cameras are installed in Australia, particularly in Queensland. Initially, they are installed in the areas where road accidents were reported based on mobile phone usage and not wearing seatbelts factor.

Portable mobile phone & seatbelt detection cameras and fixed-mobile phone and seatbelt detection cameras, both are available and being used by the authorities.

Mobile detection cameras located in NWS

If you are looking for where are the mobile detection camera located in NSW then you are in the right segment of this article for what do mobile phone cameras look like. The authorities have installed this camera at the following locations.

  • Sydney’s Anzac Parade
  • Moore Park

Other than these two locations which are not exact, the Transport officials decline to share the camera location as they want to implement traffic regulations across the country whiteout spearing any gap.

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